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The *Nnngn* are fictional things featured in the sci-fi Star Control computer game series. The asterisks are used in the game to mark difficulties with translating the concept.

What little is known about them comes from the enigmatic Arilou Lalee'lay, who once mentioned seeking them in "easy places" - most likely places of passage between dimensions. To quote: "We seek to trap *Nnngn*, but they dart and leap. YOU cannot trap *Nnngn*... do not even try. I do not think you can even touch them; you are not quite solid enough." When asked what they did with the *Nnngn* after catching them, they replied, "Why we let them go, of course! *Nnngn* do not like to be confined!"

Some believe the *Nnngn* to be a race that does not live in our dimension/reality, possibly rather in QuasiSpace, or *above* as the Orz put it.