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Nezami Ganjavi (نظامی گنجوی in Persian, Nizami Gəncəvi in Azerbaijani)‎ (1140? – 1217?), with the complete name of Nezam al-Din Abu Mohammad Elyas Ibn Yosouf Ibn Zaki Ibn Mo’ayyed Nezami Ganjavi, was a Persian poet and storywriter. He was born in Ganja (now in the Republic of Azerbaijan).

He was the master of Masnavi style (double-rhymed verses) and one the four great Persian poets in 12th century. He had two poetical works; the main one is Khamseh (The Quinary) in 30,000 couplets. It includes five books:

Nezami also compiled a Divan (a collection of odes and lyrics) in 1188.

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