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New Found Glory
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New Found Glory

New Found Glory (short NFG) is a pop punk, emo and alternative rock group formed in 1997 (see 1997 in music). They came from Coral Springs in Florida, and have recently moved to California.

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1 Early Years
2 New Found Glory - Career
3 Current Members
4 Discography
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Early Years

New Found Glory formed in the middle of 1997 with Jordan Pundik on vocals, Chad Gilbert and Steve Klein on guitars, Ian Grushka on bass and Cyrus Bolooki on drums. Originally, the band's name was "A New Found Glory." Chad Gilbert told MTV News "For us, punk rock and even hardcore music was something we did because we didn't fit in in high school. We had nowhere to go, so we went to shows." [1]

The band recorded an independent It's All About The Girls in November 1997. The band's enthuasistic live performances soon resulted in them selling out the entire pressing of this EP. Over time, the strength of the live show helped build a strong following. Their first album Nothing Gold Can Stay was released in 1999 by Drive-Thru Records. As a result of their live reputation and the album, the band was signed to MCA and this album was re-released.

New Found Glory - Career

Their first release recorded with MCA was an EP From the Screen to the Stereo, consisting of movie themes covered in a similar manner to Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. Their seld titled album was released late in 2000 and was the first to make an impression on the charts reaching number 107 on the Billboard 200 album charts and number one on the Heatseeker chart. From the Screen to the Stereo would make the top 40 of the Heatseeker charts in 2002.

The band's profile would grow in 2001 with a support slot to a Blink-182 tour and a slot on the Warped Tour. The band recorded the Sticks and Stones album in late 2001 for release in the middle of 2002. Sticks and Stones would prove to be their breakthrough record debuting at number 4 on the Billboard album charts selling 91,000 albums in the first week of sales and also reaching the top ten of the UK album charts. The album would spawn three singles namely

New Found Glory headlined the 2002 Warped Tour, and is set to headline again in 2004.

New Found Glory released Catalyst in May 2004 and it debuted at number 3 of the Billboard album chart in late May selling 146,000 albums in its first week of release. The album would also debut in the top 40 of the UK and Australian album charts. The first single "All Downhill From Here" would go top 20 on both US and a composite world modern rock chart (based on the US, UK, Canada, Sweden, Finland and Australian charts) as at the end of May 2004.

Chad Gilbert would also form a hardcore band called Hazen Street with Freddie Cricien of Madball, Toby Morse of H2O, David Kennedy of Boxcar Racer, Hoya of Madball and Mackie Jayson formerly of Bad Brains. [1] However, due to an exclusivity clause in New Found Glory's contract with Universal Music, Gilbert will not be credited for work on Hazen Street's debut album.

Current Members


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