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This article is about the U.S. state of Nevada. For other alternate meanings, see Nevada (disambiguation).

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State nickname: Silver State

Other U.S. States
Capital Carson City
Largest City Las Vegas
Governor Kenny Guinn
 - Total
 - Land
 - Water
 - % water
Ranked 7th
286,585 kmē
284,628 kmē
1,973 kmē
 - Total (2000)
 - Density
Ranked 35th
Admittance into Union
 - Order
 - Date

October 31, 1864
Time zone Pacific: UTC-8/-7
Mountain: UTC-7/-6
All but 5 locations (Duck Valley Indian Reservation, Jackpot, Mountain City, Owyhee, and West Wendover) is in Pacific
35°N to 42°N
114°W to 120°W
515 km
790 km
4,005 meters
1675 meters
146 meters
FIPS Code:32
ISO 3166-2:US-NV
Nevada is a state located in the western United States. The population of the state, as of 2000, is 1,998,257. Nevada is one of the fastest growing states in the country.

"Nevada" is a Spanish adjective that means "snow-covered". The name derives from the Sierra Nevada in the west of the state. The local pronunciation of the state is not "Ne-vah-da", but should be said so that the middle syllable rhymes with "gamble".

Nevada's nickname is "The Silver State" and the state's motto is "All for our Country". The state song is "Home Means Nevada" by Bertha Rafetto. The phrase "Battle Born" appears on the state flag, a reference to the state's founding date during the American Civil War (although no battles of that war took place within Nevada).

Several United States Navy ships have been named USS Nevada in honor of the state.

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2 Law and Government
3 Geography
4 Economy
5 Demographics
6 Important cities and towns
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In 1850, the U.S. Congress established the Utah territory which included the present day states of Utah, Idaho and Nevada. 1859 saw the discovery of the Comstock Lode, a rich outcropping of gold and silver, and Virginia City sprang up. This discovery brought a flood of miners, prospectors, merchants and others hoping to cash in on the wealth.

On March 2, 1861, Nevada separated from the Utah territory and adopted its current name. On October 31st, 1864, Nevada became the 36th state in the union. There is an enduring myth in the state that it was founded in the midst of the American Civil War so that the Union could gain better access to the wealth of its mines. However, the state was actually founded for more complex political and economic reasons, including the moderate Republicanss' need for more votes to support the reelection of Abraham Lincoln.

In response to the Great Depression, Nevada legalized gambling on March 17, 1931 in order to stimulate economic growth.

A fictional history (with a great deal of actual fact) is a book with the same name, Nevada, written by Clint McCullough.

Law and Government

Nevada's capital is Carson City and its governor is Kenny Guinn (Republican). Nevada's two U.S. senators are Harry Reid (Democrat) and John Ensign (Republican). See List of Nevada Governors

Due to the tremendous growth of Las Vegas in recent years, there is a noticeable divide between politics of Northern Nevada and Southern Nevada. The north has long maintained control of key positions in the state government even while the Las Vegas area is many times larger than Washoe County. This has fostered resentment on both sides as the north sees the south as a potential bully of majority rule and the south sees the north as the "old guard" trying to rule as an oligarchy. Most observers outside the state are not familiar with this rivalry.


See List of Nevada counties

Nevada has borders with Oregon and Idaho to the north, California to the west, Arizona to the southeast and Utah to the east. The border with Arizona includes the Colorado River.

It is in a mountain region that includes semiarid grasslands and sandy deserts, and is the most arid (dry) state in the nation. Nevada is a land of rugged, snow-capped mountains, grassy valleys and sandy deserts. The northern and central portions of Nevada are mostly within the Great Basin Desert, while portions of the southern tip are within the Mojave Desert. See also list of mountain ranges of Nevada.


Nevada's total gross state product for 1999 was $69 billion placing it 32nd in the nation. Its 2000 Per Capita Personal Income was $30,529 or 14th in the nation. Its agricultural outputs are cattle, hay, dairy products, and potatoes. Its industrial outputs are tourism, mining, machinery, printing and publishing, food processing, and electric equipment. It is well-known for gambling and nightlife. Large, luxurious casinos in Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe and Reno attract visitors from around the world.

Nevada is the only state of the US with legal prostitution: brothel prostitution is legal in most counties of Nevada, see prostitution in Nevada.


As of the 2000 census, the population of Nevada is 1,711,263. Its population grew 8.4% (132,846) from its 1990 levels. According to the 2000 census, 89.6% (1,533,261) identified themselves as White, 5.5% (94,425) as Hispanic or Latino, 4% (68,541) as black, 1.3% (21,931) as Asian, 0.9% (14,896) as American Indian or Alaska Native, 0.05% (836) as Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, 2.8% (47,845) as other, and 1.4% (23,953) identified themselves as belonging to two or more races.

6.8% of its population were reported as under 5, 26.3% under 18, and 13.6% were 65 or older. Females made up approximately 50.7% of the population.

Important cities and towns

The largest city is Las Vegas.

See List of cities in Nevada.

Nevada State Symbols
The Silver State
State Animal:Desert Bighorn Sheep
State Artifact:Tule Duck Decoy
State Bird:Mountain Bluebird
State Colors:Silver and Blue
State Fish:Lahontan Cutthroat Trout
State Flower:Sagebrush
State Fossil:Ichthyosaur
State Grass:Indian Ricegrass
State March:"Silver State Fanfare" by Gerald Wills
State Metal:Silver (Ag)
State Precious Gemstone:Virgin Valley black fire opal
State Semiprecious Gemstone:Nevada turquoise
State Song:"Home Means Nevada" by Bertha Raffetto
State Reptile:Desert Tortoise
State Rock:Sandstone
State Soil:Orovada series
State Trees:Single-leaf Piņon and Bristlecone_pine


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