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Network Associates Coliseum
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Network Associates Coliseum

Network Associates Coliseum
Stadium facts and figures
Location Oakland, California
Opened 1966
Current Ownership City of Oakland and Alameda County
  • Skidmore, Owings & Merrill
  • HTNB
Network Associates Coliseum is a stadium located in Oakland, California that is used for football and baseball games.

Network Associates Coliseum is home to the following sports teams:

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In 1966, the city of Oakland constructed Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum (or Oakland Coliseum for short) for two reasons: as a new stadium for the Oakland Raiders and also in an effort to lure the Kansas City Athletics to Oakland. In 1968, the Kansas City Athletics became the Oakland Athletics and began play at the new stadium. The Raiders played their first game there on September 18, 1966. The Athletics' first game was played on April 17, 1968. The stadium complex cost $25.5 million to build and rests on 120 acres of land.

In 1972, the Athletics played in their first of three straight World Series. In 1982, the Oakland Raiders moved to Los Angeles, leaving the A's as the only remaining tenants of Oakland Coliseum. The 1985 Major League Baseball All-Star Game was held at the Coliseum. In 1989, the venue saw its fourth World Series as Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire of the Oakland A's defeated the San Francisco Giants in the "Bay Bridge" series.

In July 1995, the Los Angeles Raiders agreed to return to Oakland provided that Oakland Coliseum underwent renovations. In November 1995, those renovations commenced and continued until the beginning of the 1996 season.

Naming rights

In September 1997, UMAX Technologies agreed to acquire the naming rights to the stadium. However, following a dispute, a court decision reinstated the Oakland Coliseum name. In 1998, Network Associates agreed to pay $5.8 million over five years for the naming rights and the stadium became known as "Network Associates Coliseum," or sometimes, simply, "the Net."

In 2003, Network Associates renewed the contract for an additional five years at a cost of $6 million. In mid-2004, Network Associates was renamed McAfee, and it is expected that the stadium will be renamed McAfee Coliseum accordingly.

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