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Naval Air Station Fallon
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Naval Air Station Fallon

Naval Air Station Fallon (NAS Fallon) is the United States Navy's premier air-to-air and air-to-ground training facility. Since 1996 it has been home to the Naval Fighter Weapons School (Top Gun), and the surrounding area contains 84,000 acres (340 km²) of bombing and electronic warfare ranges.

The airfield at NAS Fallon was originally built in 1942 as part of a defensive network to repel a hypothetical Japanese invasion of the west coast. It was soon taken over by the Navy for training use and has been used as such ever since with the exception of the period of 1946 to 1951, during which it was used by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Associated bombing ranges checker the surrounding Lahontan Valley and Dixie Valley, which is the next valley to the east. Dixie Valley also contains a simulated air defense network, including approximately 20 operational radar installations. Many demilitarized armored vehicles, including some exotics, have been scattered throughout the area, presumably for ambiance. Most of this area is publicly accessible, with the exception of areas immediately surrounding the radar installations.