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Nanyang is a city in the south of Henan province, in China.

There is a big river named Baihe, through the whole city. Its water is clear, and you can see the playing fish. At the bank there are many trees and some grass fields.


Nanyang has a long history. As long ago as Han Dynasty, Liuxiu came from here. He founded his army and fought with the enemies. In the end, he gained the whole country and became the emperor. In this period, Zhang Heng was an astronomer, famous for making the machine that could predict earthquake.

In the three countries period, the most famous and intelligent person. Then Zhuge Liang lived there, the leader of one country visited him for him for three tine. Then he began to help Liu Bei (the leader) construct the Shu country. What's more, there were other people, the medicinist, Zhang Zhongjiang; the poet hanyu.

At the north of the town, there is only a mountain far away from others. It is called dushan.


Nanyang's cattle are famous. They look beautiful, can do many farm work and their beef tastes very good.

Nanyang's industry is developing. Qu yinghui company is a big famous tobacco factory Every year, it gives lots of tax to the town. Nanyang has two kinds of good wine, the Shedianlaojiu and wolongyuye.

There is a comfortable climate for it lies between the south and north , the whole of Nanyang is surrounded by 800 hiding cattle mountain. The fields are fertile and the agriculture is developed well.