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MxPx is a pop punk band formed in 1992 in Bremerton, Washington. Originally the band went by the name of Magnified Plaid. The abbreviated form came from posters that had "M.P." written on them. Yuri, the drummer, made the posters; in his handwriting, periods become x's. The nickname caught on and the band has been going by MxPx ever since. Each letter of the name is pronounced individually. They played on Warped Tour in the 1990s.

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2 Discography
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Band Members


  1. Pokinatcha (1994)
  2. Teenage Politics (1995)
  3. On the Cover (1995)
  4. Life in General (1996)
  5. Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo (1998)
  6. Let It Happen (1998)
  7. At the Show (1999)
  8. The Ever Passing Moment (2000)
  9. The Renaissance (2001)
  10. Ten Years and Running (2002)
  11. Before Everything and After (2003)

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