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Music for Airports
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Music for Airports

Ambient 1/Music for Airports (1978) is one of Brian Eno's first ambient albums. Music for Airports employs phasing tape loops of different length in some tracks, where, for example, in "1/1", a single piano melody is repeated and at different times other instruments will segue in and out, and this happens pseudorandomly due to the phenomenon of phasing: at some point these instrumental sounds will clump together, at some points, be spread apart.

Track listing

The track labelling is so because of the album's first release (1978) as an LP, and so the first track means "first track, first side", and so on.
  1. 1/1 : Piano and other instruments
  2. 2/1 : Similar to "1/1", but synthesized vocals.
  3. 1/2 : Synthesized vocals and piano.
  4. 2/2 : Synthesizer only.

All tracks were composed by Eno except "1/1", which was composed by Eno,
Robert Wyatt, and Rhett Davies.

The Bang on a Can All-Stars, an offshoot of the Bang on a Can music festival, arranged Music for Airports for live musicians. They have played their arrangements on tour and for a CD released in 1997 by Point Music.

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