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Murder in Small Town X
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Murder in Small Town X

Murder in Small Town X was an American reality television series that aired on FOX from July through September 2001. The show is noteworthy for the macabre and ironic fate of its eventual winner.

The premise of the show was to bring 10 contestants from around the United States to a small fishing village (called "Sunrise" in the show) on the coast of Maine to act as amateur detectives to solve a series of fictional murders.

Initially, the contestants were given a list of 16 suspects who were "townspeople" played by actors. Each week, the contestants were sent out on varying missions in order to discover clues to eliminate suspects. Additionally, the murderer would strike again, eliminating suspects as well.

At the end of each episode, two contestants would be sent out to a two different remote locations completely alone, with their movements recorded only by a head-mounted camera. One of the contestants would discover a further clue to the mystery, whereas the other one would be claimed as a murder victim, with their last seconds seen through the eyes of the "killer" in the manner of classical slasher films like Psycho.

The solution to the mystery involved the discovery that the members of local family had been murdered together in 1941 just after the Pearl Harbor Attack because they had stumbled onto a town's secret involving illegal liquor smuggling from Canada. The murder had been committed with the assent of many of the town's leaders, who met in a secret lodge. The family had been bound in a room together, and the room was set on fire. The "murders" were being committed by a descendant of one of the family members who escaped the fire and who was gaining his revenge against the descendants of the town leaders who had condoned the burning of the family in 1941.

The final episode aired on Tuesday, September 4, 2001. The contestant who solved the final mystery by identifying the "murderer" and therefore won the prize money was Angel Juarbe who was a firefighter in New York City and was killed in the World Trade Center Collapse on September 11, 2001.

The format was sold to the BBC who made a British version (with slight amendments to the rules) in 2003 under the name The Murder Game. Ratings were judged poor and the programme was not a critical success.