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In Latter-day Saint theology, Mulek is the only surviving son of Zedekiah, the last King of Judah.

Table of contents
1 Mulek and his nation
2 Encounter with the Jaredites
3 Encounter with the Nephites
4 Assimilation among the Nephites

Mulek and his nation

Mulek escapes on a ship and travels across the Atlantic Ocean to exile in the Americas, founding a new nation. The people of this nation are called the Mulekites. The Mulekites establish their capital at Zarahemla.

Encounter with the Jaredites

The last surviving Jaredites, Ether and Coriantumr, encounter the Mulekites and leave the last of their records with them.

Encounter with the Nephites

When the Nephites lose their historic homeland of Lehi-Nephi to the Lamanites, the exiled remains discover Zarahemla to their north. The Book of Mormon says that the Mulekites spoke a language largely unintelligible to the Nephites. But when they learn their languages, the Mulekites teach the Nephites about their descent from Mulek, and about the Jaredite visitors. The Nephites translate the Book of Ether and learn about the origins and history of the Jaredites. Later, Mormon would add the Book of Ether to the Book of Mormon canon.

Assimilation among the Nephites

The Nephites settle among the Mulekites, and the Nephites teach the Mulekites about their forgotten Torah and the Hebrew language. The Mulekites eventually adopt the language and religion of the Nephites, and are absorbed into the Nephites, who establish Zarahemla as their new capital.