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MuchMusic (often called Much) is a 24-hour cable television music video and variety television channel based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, which debuted in August 1984.

It is controlled by CHUM Limited, a major Canadian media conglomerate.

There are also affiliates in Montreal, Quebec (French Canadian MusiquePlus) which debuted in 1986, and international affiliates in the United States (MuchUSA) launches in 1994, Jyrki a Finland-based segment which airs on Alma Media's MTV3. Argentina (MuchMusic Argentina) launched in 1992, Colombia (CitytvBogota) launches in 1999, Muchmusic Malaysia launched in 2000 in Malaysia and in 2002, Singapore's RTV Broadcast Services began broadcasting content from Citytv and MuchMusic and also in 2002, Mexico's MuchMusic Mexico began a segment airing on Canal Once.

MuchMusic also has spinoff channels in Canada including MuchVibe, MuchLoud and MuchMoreMusic.

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