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MTV Video Music Award for Best Direction
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MTV Video Music Award for Best Direction

The following is a list of MTV Video Music Award winners for Best Direction.

Year Artist Song
1984 ZZ Top Sharp Dressed Man
1985 Don Henley The Boys of Summer
1986 a-Ha Take On Me
1987 Peter Gabriel Sledgehammer
1988 George Michael Father Figure
1989 Madonna Express Yourself
1990 Madonna Vogue
1991 R.E.M Losing My Religion
1992 Van Halen Right Now
1993 Pearl Jam Jeremy
1994 R.E.M Everybody Hurts
1995 Weezer Buddy Holly
1996 Smashing Pumpkins Tonight, Tonight
1997 Beck The New Pollution
1998 Wyclef Jean (feat. Refugee Allstars) Gone Till November
1999 Fatboy Slim Praise You
2000 Red Hot Chili Peppers Californication
2001 Fatboy Slim Weapon of Choice
2002 Eminem Without Me
2003 Coldplay The Scientist