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Mountain bicycle
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Mountain bicycle

A mountain bicycle or mountain bike is a bicycle designed for riding off-road, either on dirt trails or other non-pavement type environments.

While cyclo-cross bicycles already existed, the earliest ancestors of modern mountain bikes were based around frames from road cruisers such as those made by Schwinn. Gary Fisher is normally credited with introducing the first purpose-built mountain bike in 1979. The first mass produced mountain bikes were produced by Specialized

Mountain bikes have fat, knobby tires for extra traction. In recent years front and/or rear suspension is becoming more popular.

Mountain bikes are also often fitted with bar ends on the handlebars. The bikes tend to have 26" wheels.

In French a mountain bike is called a VTT (vélo tout-terrain: "all-terrain bicycle").


There are a variety of disciplines in mountain biking, and a variety of grey ares in between each of them, so the bikes tend to reflect that:

There are various other types of mountain bike available including Trials and Dirt Jump bikes.

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