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Mount Scopus
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Mount Scopus

Mount Scopus (הר הצופים, Standard Hebrew Har haẒofim, Tiberian Hebrew Har haṣṢp̄m; Arabic جبل المشارف Jabal al-Mašārif, جبل المشهد Jabal al-Mašhad, جبل الصوانة Jabal aṣ-Ṣawānah) is a mountain in East Jerusalem.

Fabled for its views of Jerusalem, Mt. Scopus is a vantage point that in the past has had strategic significance - hence its name (Latin scopus as in "scope").

Unlike the rest of East Jerusalem, Mt. Scopus was held by Israel during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, and existed as an enclave of Israel inside Jordanian territory. Israeli sovereignty over Mt. Scopus is internationally recognized. Today, Mt. Scopus lies inside Israel's official borders for the city of Jerusalem.

Notable establishments on Mt. Scopus:

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