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Mortiis is a Norwegian Troll Metal musician. He is credited with starting the sub-genre of Troll Metal, as well as another, Battle Music. All of his albums, up to 1999's "The Stargate" were composed entirely on synthesizers, creating a sound that was described as "Dark Dungeon Music" by Mortiis himself. "The Stargate", however went even deeper into Battle music with Flutes, Acoustic Guitars as well as the trademark Synths, which this time sounded more professional. Female vocals were provided by Sarah Jezebel Deva. 2001's "The Smell of Rain" created a divide among fans - the songs this time had a Darkwave feel to them, and some fans loved the new sound, while others hated it. Many fans thought Mortiis had betrayed them, as they were expecting what many had nicknamed "The Stargate II". The songs had more pop on them also, which drew even more criticism. Mortiis was formerly involved in the Norwegian Black Metal band; Emperor.


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