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Mordvin (people)
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Mordvin (people)

Mordvins (Mordva) are a people of the Finno-Permic branch of the Finno-Ugric language family.

Less than one third of their total population live in the autonomous republic of Mordovia, Russian Federation, in the middle basin of the Volga River. The rest is scattered over the Russia: oblasts of Samara, Penza, Orenburg Nizhni Novgorod, also in Central Asia and Siberia.

The Mordvin nationality consists of two groups: Erzya Mordvins, that speak Erzya language and 'Moksha Mordvins, that speak Moksha language.

Since 1950s their number, their percentage in Mordovia, and their knowledge of their mother tongues decrease, and their population in 2003 was around 1,000,000.

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