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This article is about the capital of Uruguay. There is also Montevideo, Minnesota, in the United States of America.

Montevideo (1.3 million inhabitants) is the capital, chief port and largest city of Uruguay.

Independence Plaza, Montevideo, c. 1900
From the Plaza de Independencia which is the juncture between the old city and the ciudad nova extends the Calle 18 de Julio to Cordon, one of the finest boulevards of South America.

Montevideo is situated in the south of the country, at the northern mouth of the very wide Plata River (Río de la Plata;) estuary, 120 miles across from Buenos Aires at the southern side.

The city was founded in 1717 as a fort by the Portuguese on the headland of the ciudad viejo, but was captured by Spanish troops 7 years later. In 1828, the town became the capital of Uruguay. Montevideo comes from the Latin "Monte video" which means "From the mountain I see". The city's full original name is San Felipe y Santiago de Montevideo.

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