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Modern pentathlon
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Modern pentathlon

The modern pentathlon is a sports contest consisting of 5 events, hence the name pentathlon. The events are épée fencing, pistol shooting, swimming, a show jumping course on horseback, and a cross-country run.

The event was first contested at the 1912 Olympic Games, and has been on the Olympic program since. A team event was added in 1952 and event for women in 2000. In non-Olympic years, a World Championship is held, instigated in 1949.

The sport is governed by the Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne (UIPM), the International Modern Pentathlon Union.

Olympic champions

Individual men

1912Gösta LilliehookSWE
1920Gustaf DyrssenSWE
1924Bo LindmanSWE
1928Sven ThofeltSWE
1932Johan OxenstiernaSWE
1936Gotthardt HandrickGER
1948Willy GrutSWE
1952Lars HallSWE
1956Lars HallSWE
1960Ferenc NemethHUN
1964Ferenc TorokHUN
1968Björn FermSWE
1972András BalczoHUN
1976Janusz Pyciak-PeciakPOL
1980Anatoli StarostinUSSR
1984Daniele MasalaITA
1988Janus MartinekHUN
1992Arkadiusz SkrzypaszekPOL
1996Aleksandr ParyginKAZ
2000Dmitri SvatkovskiRUS

Team men

This event was discontinued after 1992.

1976Great Britain

Individual women

2000Stephanie CookGBR

World Champions

Individual Men

1949Tage BjurefeltSWE
1950Lars HallSWE
1951Lars HallSWE
1953Gábor BenedekHUN
1954Björn ThofeltSWE
1955Konstantion SalnikovUSSR
1957Igor NovikovUSSR
1958Igor NovikovUSSR
1959Igor NovikovUSSR
1961Igor NovikovUSSR
1962Eduard DobnikovUSSR
1963András BalczoHUN
1965András BalczoHUN
1966András BalczoHUN
1967András BalczoHUN
1969András BalczoHUN
1970Péter KelemenHUN
1971Boris OnishchenkoUSSR
1973Pavel LednevUSSR
1974Pavel LednevUSSR
1975Pavel LednevUSSR
1977Janusz Pyciak-PeciakPOL
1978Pavel LednevUSSR
1979Robert NiemanUSA
1981Janusz Pyciak-PeciakPOL
1982Daniele MasalaITA
1983Anatoli StarostinUSSR
1985Attila MizserHUN
1986Carlo MassulloITA
1987Joël BouzouFRA
1989László FabianHUN
1990Gianluca TibertiITA
1991Arkadiusz SkrzypaszekPOL
1993Richard PhelpsGBR
1994Dmitri SvatkovskiRUS
1995Sebastien DeleigneFRA
1997Sebastien DeleigneFRA
1998Sebastien DeleigneFRA
1999Gábor BaloghHUN
2000Andrejus ZadneprovskisLTU
2001Gábor Balogh HUN
2002Michal SedleckýCZE
2003Eric WaltherGER
2004Andrejus ZadneprovskisLTU

Individual women

1981A AhlgrenSWE
1982W NormanGBR
1983L ChernobrywyCAN
1984S JakovlevaUSSR
1985B KotowskaPOL
1986I KisselyevaUSSR
1987I KisselyevaUSSR
1988D IdziPOL
1989L NorwoodUSA
1990E FjellerupDEN

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