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The family name Milnes is believed to be descended originally from the Boernicians. People with the surname Milne, Miln and Mylne are probably related: the earliest records were by people who couldn't write very well and the name was sometimes written variously even during a person's lifetime.

Table of contents
1 Meaning
2 Coat Of Arms
3 Pronunciation


Most sources agree that the meaning is to do with a mill. One specifically states that it derives from old English meaning "on living at or near a corn mill" though this doesn't fit too well with the Scottish borders origin claimed by many sources. It is likely that Milnes is a plural form based on milliner (someone who runs or owns a mill). So it would have come from people describing a family as 'the milliners' and the name gradually sticking, in corrupted form, to individuals.

Coat Of Arms

There are at least three different coats of arms touted to belong to the Milnes family. One must be careful of some of the sources as they are from commercial companies with an interest to sell engraved glasses, painted shields, t-shirts etc.


Most people with the surname Milnes pronounce it as a single syllable with the 'e' silent: "Millns". There is a large minority who pronounce it as two: "Mill-ness" or "Mill-nez".