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Miller Park
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Miller Park

Miller Park
Location Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Opened April 6, 2001
Capacity 43,000
Owned By Southeast Wisconsin Professional Baseball District, Milwaukee Brewers
Architect: HKS Inc., NBBJ, Eppstein Uhen Architects

342 ft.
374 ft.
400 ft.
378 ft.
355 ft.

Miller Park is a baseball stadium located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is home to the Milwaukee Brewers, and was built as a replacement for Milwaukee County Stadium.

The stadium was built with $310 million of public funds, which was somewhat controversial, particularly due to the fact that the team owner, Bud Selig--also the Commissioner of Baseball--was highly unpopular locally. Construction was subject to numerous delays. Groundbreaking took place on October 22, 1996, in a parking lot behind County Stadium. Construction had already been slowed--the originally planned opening date of Opening Day, 1999 had already been pushed back, and was delayed even further after three construction workers were killed in a crane accident in July, 1999. The stadium did not end up opening until Opening Day, 2001.

Despite the new stadium--and the protestations of the ownership that the influx of hundreds of millions of dollars of public funding would improve the team--the Brewers have continued to slump since the opening of Miller Park, though beginning to show signs of promise in 2004.

The stadium has a retractable roof, built in a unique convertible style, with the roof panels opening and closing simultaneously in a sweeping manner from the first base and third base sides towards center field. The huge roof explained a large part of the $400 million cost of the stadium.