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Microsoft Office
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Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a series of suites of productivity programs created by Microsoft and developed for Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh operating systems. As well as the office applications, it includes associated servers and Web-based services.

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1 Common programs included
2 Other programs and Web-based services sometimes included
3 Cross-platform use
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Common programs included

Other programs and Web-based services sometimes included

Beginning with the 1997 edition, Microsoft Agent (in 2000 and up) and a similar actor technology (in 97) have been used to provide the Office Assistant, sometimes dubbed "Clippy" or "Clippit", an interactive help tool.

Also, beginning with Office 1998, the Macintosh and Windows versions of Office share the same file format. Consequently, any Macintosh with Office 1998 or later can read documents created with Office 1997 or later, and vice-versa.

Cross-platform use

Microsoft develops Office primarily for Windows and secondarily for Macintosh. However, most versions of the suite can also be run on Unix-like operating systems through the use of a compatibility layer such as CrossOver Office or WINE. It can also run in a virtual machine such as VMware.


Major Microsoft Windows versions

There have been variants of the later versions such as
Small Business Edition, Professional Edition and Developer Edition with slightly different collections of applications.

Apple Macintosh versions


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