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Mickey Hart
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Mickey Hart

Mickey Hart (born September 11, 1943) is known as one of the two drummers from the rock band the Grateful Dead. He is also a percussionist, a solo artist, and the author of several books. His travels and his interest in all things percussion related led him to collect percussion instruments, and to collaborate with percussion masters the world over.

Hart was influential (sometimes even single handed) in recording global musical traditions on the verge of possible extinction. Mickey is now one of the primary curators for music with the Smithsonian Institution, known for reissues and other recordings with historical and cultural value.

Mickey Hart has authored books on the history and traditions of drumming throughout history. His solo recordings (featuring a variety of guest musicians) are percussive of course, but also verge on New Age music categorically. His enthusiasm for world music traditions and preservation and collaborative efforts is comparable to that of guitarist Ry Cooder.


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