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Mayfair is an area in London, England in the City of Westminster, named after the fortnight-long May Fair that took place there from 1686 until it was banned in that location in 1764. Prior to 1686, the May Fair was held in the Haymarket, and after 1764, it moved to Fair Field in Bow.

The area was owned by the Grosvenor family and much of the land is still part of the Grosvenor estate. It was developed during the late seventeenth century.

Mayfair is roughly bordered by Hyde Park to the west, Oxford Street to the north, Green Park to the south and Regent Street to the east. Buildings in Mayfair include the United States embassy on Grosvenor Square near the Roosevelt Memorial, the Royal Academy of Arts, Grosvenor House and the Dorchester Hotels.

Mayfair is the most expensive street on a British Monopoly set.

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Mayfair is also a British soft porn magazine.

It is also the name of a suburb in Hastings, NZ