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Matt Ridley
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Matt Ridley

Matt (Matthew) Ridley (born February 7, 1958 at Newcastle upon Tyne) is a British science writer. He received a doctorate in zoology from the University of Oxford before commencing a career in science journalism. He worked as a science correspondent for The Economist and The Daily Telegraph. He is the author of four acclaimed works of science popularization:

In these books Ridley explains the ideas that have grown out of the gene revolution in biology. In his commentary Ridley is relatively unabashed in revealing his personal commitment to a libertarian political philosophy, in constrast to Richard Dawkins, who, though similarly reductionist and atheistic, maintains a political fealty towards social democracy.

Ridley is chairman of the International Centre for Life, a "science park" in Newcastle.

Ridley is married to the neuroscientist Anya Hurlbert.