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Table of contents
1 Master recording
2 Master craftsman
3 Master's degree
4 The Masters
5 Master unit
6 Slave master
7 Sexual master
8 Master Aircrew
9 Form of address
10 A Martial Arts Rank
11 A Chess Player's Rank
12 A Ship's Captain

Master recording

A master is the original of a visual and/or sound recording, which is then mixed and/or cut into a template from which distributable copies are made.

Master craftsman

A master is also a person who has a larger skill than most in some kind of art.

See also: master craftsman (a guild member)

Master's degree

A master is also the recipient of a graduate degree in a specified discipline from a college or university. The degree is intermediate between a bachelor's degree and a Ph.D and include the specific degrees Master of Arts, Master of Science, and Master of Engineering.

The Masters

The Masters golf tournament is one of the most important in golf.

The Masters is a snooker tournament.

Master unit

A master is also a mechanical or electronic unit which commands or controls another unit, so that they work in tandem or in parallel. Examples include:

Slave master

A master was also another name for a slaveholder. See slavery.

Sexual master

In BDSM, a master is a man who takes a dominant role. The feminine equivalent is mistress or dominatrix.

Master Aircrew

Master is the highest ranking enlisted rank in the Royal Air Force and is specific to Aircrew. It is equivalent to a Warrant Officer, the rank title used for other occupations in the same service.

It has a NATO rank code of OR-9 making it equivalent to a Sergeant Major in US Forces or any other rank with an E-9 pay grade

Form of address

Master is an old-fashioned title for a young or unmarried man. The title Mister is derived from it. See also Mistress.

A Martial Arts Rank

In Korean martial arts, master is the title above black belt which allows the holder to operate a school (dojang). A higher rank is grandmaster.

A Chess Player's Rank

In international chess, players are ranked by the FIDE using a comparison of their win-draw-loss record against other ranked players. Master and grandmaster are two such ranks.

A Ship's Captain

The captain of a merchant vessel is also called the master of that ship.

see also: Comparative military ranks