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Mary Higgins Clark
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Mary Higgins Clark

Mary Higgins Clark (born December 24, 1929) is a best-selling American mystery and suspense writer.

Born in New York, her father died at age 10, and upon graduation from high school, Mary went to secretarial school and then to work in an advertising agency. She spent the year of 1949 as a stewardess on Pan American Airlines, then married neighbor Warren Clark.

She started writing short stories soon after the wedding, with her first published appearance in Extension Magazine in 1956. Her husband died in 1964, leaving her with five children, and she turned to writing radio scripts and later books. Her first book, a biographical novel about George Washington, barely sold, but her 1975 suspense novel Where are the Children became a bestseller, and was followed up by many more.

She attended Fordham University from 1974 to 1979, getting a B.A. in philosophy.

In 1996 she married again, to John J. Conheeney.

Her daughter Carol Higgins Clark and daughter-in-law Mary Jane Clark are also mystery writers.

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