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Marrakech (مراكش marrākish), known as the "Pearl of the South," is a city in southwestern Morocco in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. Marrakech is a Berber word; it means the country of god (murt 'n akush).

Marrakech has the largest berber market (souk) in Morocco and also hosts the busiest square in the entirety of Africa, called Djemaa el Fna.

Like many North African cities, Marrakech has two main divisions: the médina; and the modern city.

Marrakech is served by Ménara International Airport;.

Table of contents
1 Demographics
2 History
3 Sites


Main article: Demographics of Morocco

The official number of residents is 450,000; however the population is estimated to be around one million. The largest population of Marrakech are Berber.


Main article: History of Morocco

Yusef I Ibn Tashfin, member of the Almoravides dynasty, founded the city in 1062.

Prior to the reign of Moulay Ismail the Bloodthirsty, Marrakech was the capital of Morocco. After his reign, his grandson moved the capital back to Marrakech from Meknès;.


Areas and neighborhoods

Mosques, medrassas, synagogues and zaouias

Palaces, dars and villas

Cemeteries, koubbas and mausolea

Handicrafts and business


Ramparts and gates

Places and squares

Gardens and parks

Other structures

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