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Marquis of Namur
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Marquis of Namur

The following is a list of Marquis or Margraves of Namur. Namur was not often an independent state, rather under the dominion of other entities like the counties of Hainaut and Flanders or the Duke of Burgundy.

Succession is from father to son, unless otherwise noted

Table of contents
1 Counts of Namur
2 Marquis (Margraves) of Namur

Counts of Namur

House of Luxemburg

Marquis (Margraves) of Namur

House of Hainaut

House of Courtenay

House of Vianden

House of Flanders

In 1421, John III of Dampierre, Marquis of Namur, sells his estates to Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy