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Mark Romanek
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Mark Romanek

Mark Romanek (born 1959) is a music video director. He was born in Chicago, Illinois. All the videos directed by him are:

Several of his videos have received accolades and awards, most prominently from the MTV VMA's. "Are You Gonna Go My Way, "Rain, "Scream, "Hurt, and "Criminal are all VMA winners. Several of the others received nominations.

Romanek has also done other work as well, in addition to his work on music videos. In 2002, he made his first feature film titled One Hour Photo, which starred Robin Williams, as well as Gary Cole, who had been known previously from the cult classic Office Space.

One Hour Photo is a thriller suspense movie about Sy (Williams), an employee at a warehouse store photo processing lab in a suburban area. Gary Cole plays Sy's boss. Sy ends up becoming obsessed with a particular family's photos and stalking-type situation ensues. One Hour Photo proved to be a moderate hit, and established Romanek as a respectable movie director.

Although Romanek is young, he has experienced much success in his career including two of his music videos being on display at the New York Museum of Modern Art.