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Margaret Whiting
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Margaret Whiting

Margaret Whiting (born July 22, 1924) was a traditional pop music singer in the 1940s and 1950s.

Her musical talent may have been inherited; her father Richard Whiting, was a famous composer of popular songs. She also had an aunt, Margaret Young, who was also a singer and popular recording artist in the 1920s. As a child, Margaret Whiting's singing ability was already noticed, and at the age of only seven years she sang for Johnny Mercer, for whom her father worked. In 1942, Mercer started Capitol Records with two partners, and signed her as one of their earliest recording artists.

Her first recordings were as featured singer with various orchestras:

In 1945 she began to record under her own name, making such recordings as: (these two from the movie "Centennial Summer") Until the mid-1950s, she continued to record for Capitol, but as she ceased to record songs that charted as hits, switched to Dot Records in 1958 and to Verve Records in 1960. She came back to Caputol in the mid-1960s, then going to London Records in 1966.

She continued to sing into the 1990s.

Her late-life marriage to younger gay porn star Jack Wrangler raised many eyebrows. When they first began dating, he protested, "But I'm gay!" to which she replied, "Only around the edges, dear."