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Manager (baseball)
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Manager (baseball)

In baseball, the head coach of a team is called the manager; this individual controls matters of team strategy on the field and team leadership. The manager sets the line-up and starting pitcher before each game as well as making substitutions throughout the game. How much control a manager takes in player strategy varies from one manager to another. Some managers control pitch selection, defensive positioning, decisions to bunt/steal/pitch out, etc., while others leave these decisions to a player's discretion. Most find a balance somewhere in the middle.

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1 Current MLB Managers
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Current MLB Managers

American League

Team Manager Managing Since
Anaheim Angels Mike Scioscia 2000
Baltimore Orioles Lee Mazzilli 2004
Boston Red Sox Terry Francona 2004
Chicago White Sox Ozzie Guillen 1998
Cleveland Indians Eric Wedge 2003
Detroit Tigers Alan Trammell 2003
Kansas City Royals Tony Peña 2003
Minnesota Twins Ron Gardenhire 2002
New York Yankees Joe Torre 1996
Oakland Athletics Ken Macha 2003
Seattle Mariners Bob Melvin 2003
Tampa Bay Devil Rays Lou Piniella 2003
Texas Rangers Buck Showalter 2003
Toronto Blue Jays Carlos Tosca 2002

National League

Team Manager Managing Since
Arizona Diamondbacks Al Pedrique 2004
Atlanta Braves Bobby Cox 1991
Chicago Cubs Dusty Baker 2003
Cincinnati Reds Dave Miley 2003
Colorado Rockies Clint Hurdle 2003
Florida Marlins Jack McKeon 2003
Houston Astros Jimy Williams 2002
Los Angeles Dodgers Jim Tracy 2001
Milwaukee Brewers Ned Yost 2003
Montreal Expos Frank Robinson 2002
New York Mets Art Howe 2003
Philadelphia Phillies Larry Bowa 2001
Pittsburgh Pirates Lloyd McClendon 2001
St. Louis Cardinals Tony LaRussa 1996
San Diego Padres Bruce Bochy 1995
San Francisco Giants Felipe Alou 2003

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