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Malice Mizer
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Malice Mizer

Malice Mizer is a visual kei band formed in 1992 by Mana and Közi. The group was first marketed as a classical goth group. The first members were Tetsu (vocals), Közi (guitar, synthesizer), Mana (guitar, synthesizer), Yu~ki (bassist) and Gaz (drummer). Under this lineup they released a single demo tape, Sans Logique. Gaz left to join the band KneuKlid Romance, while KneuKlid Romance's former drummer Kami joined Malice Mizer. With this lineup the band released its first album, Memoire, on the independent label Midi:Nette. About one year later, Tetsu left the band; he has since been involved in several different projects, notably including the band Zigzo.

After this, lacking a vocalist, Malice Mizer was in a desperate situation. Eventually, in October 1995 they recruited Gackt into the band. Their music and visual style during the Gackt era retained its earlier gothic trappings, but became more wistful and romantic in its mood. Malice Mizer released one indies album with Gackt, Voyage ~sans retour~, then signed with Nippon: Columbia for their first and only major-label release, the hugely popular Merveilles. Tours erupted, drawing loyal fans who cosplayed as the members, and stage plays, fanservice, and dances made up the lives. Songs such as Ma Cherie ~itoshii kimi e~ (the fan club's theme song), Gekka no Yasoukyoku, Le Ciel, and Au Revoir were very different from most visual kei bands, but, that was Mana's intention.

In January 1999, Gackt left Malice Mizer to begin a solo career. As if that wasn't enough, on June 21 of the same year, Kami died in his sleep due to a brain hemorrhage. Malice Mizer released a mini-album boxset titled Shinwa in Kami's honor and Gackt, who was just starting out his solo career, recorded a song dedicated to him (titled U+K after Kami's real name, Ukyou Kamimura). Malice Mizer was now down to only three members. A couple singles were recorded during this era, including Saikai no Chi to Bara, and the band returned to a more heavily gothic look.

In 2000, Malice Mizer was looking for someone to sing on their newest album in progress, Bara no Seidou; eventually they settled on Klaha, a singer trained in classical opera who had done backup vocals for the band during the Gackt era. Satisfied with the way Bara no Seidou turned out, they adopted him as their official vocalist, going on to release several singles such as Garnet, Gardenia, and the fan favorite Beast of Blood. Shue, a support member, became their new drummer. Shue was rarely photographed, and not considered an official member because it would be disrespectful to Kami, their "eternal blood relative". Musically and visually, the band became slightly more minimalistic during this era, adding many touches of classical Western goth. Sadly, Malice Mizer came an end in December of 2001. They disbanded on good terms to work on different activites. Mana has formed Moi Dix Mois, Közi has joined Eve of Destiny, and Klaha has taken Gackt's path, starting a solo career.

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