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Malcolm in the Middle
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Malcolm in the Middle

Malcolm in the Middle is a situation comedy on the Fox Network. It first aired in 2000.

It stars Frankie Muniz as Malcolm, the third oldest of five children in the Wilkerson family (hence the name "Malcolm in the Middle"). Originally there were only four children, but the fifth (a new baby) was introduced in the show's fourth season. At the beginning of the series, Malcolm is discovered to have a very high IQ, and is put in an intellectually gifted class. The show centers around Malcolm and his dysfunctional family's life.

The show's theme song, "Boss of Me," was recorded by They Might Be Giants.

It airs in Canada on Global. It is also shown in Britain on Sky One and then BBC2 a few months later, and in Australia, it is aired by Nine network. In Mexico it is aired in Spanish on Channel Five (XHGC) of Televisa.


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