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M-1 Tank Platoon
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M-1 Tank Platoon

M-1 Tank Platoon is a computer game, released by developer Microprose in 1989. It was one of the first titles released by the company.

The title was released for different platforms (Amiga, PC), and sold 500,000 copies, a high amount by the standards of the time.

technical data

The PC version of the game needs a DOS Operation System , 386 or better processor and a VGA / MCGA Graphic Card. Mouse and joystick are supported.

Gameplay features

The player is given the control over a platoon of four American A1 Abrahams Tanks in a fictional war against the Soviet army. It is possible to instruct commands (via Hotkeys) on a tactical map of the battle area as well as taking the role of the tank commanders / drivers / gunners and acting out of their personal perspective. Depending on the player's taste, the whole game could be played more like an action/simulation game or like an strategy game. As platoon commander, direct control is limited to the four A1 tanks. However, depending on the selected scenario, support units like recon / battle helicopters, infantry vehicles, artillery or other tanks were avialable and could be commanded on the tactical map. Between the single battles, surviving crew members increase in military rank and abilities.

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