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M79 Rocket Launcher
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M79 Rocket Launcher

Technical Summary
Bore diameter: 90mm
Length: 191cm
Total Weight: 11.2kg
Launcher Weight: 6.2kg
Rocket Weight: 3.5kg
Container Weight: 1.5kg
Maximum Range: 1960m
Effective Range: 600m
Sustained ROF: 6 rockets/min.
Crew: 2
The 90mm M79 Manual Rocket Launcher (Ručni bacač raketa - 90mm M79) nicknamed "Osa" (a word meaning wasp) is a light, reuseable, and effective Rocket launcher system made of fiber-reinforced plastics. It consists of the launcher, the CN-6 Sighting piece, a rocket, and the carrying case for said rocket. While primarily intended as an anti-tank weapon, the M79 can also be used against fortifications and in an anti-personnel fashion. It is made to reload quickly and is very portable. It is extremely similar in design to the M90 Rocket Launcher.

It is found largely in former Soviet-bloc countries such as those in Eastern Europe. The "Osa" was manufactured in the former Yugoslavia. Recently, it has seen use in the Kosovo War and has been known to have been used by certain Albanian extremist groups (such as the Kosovo Liberation Army).

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