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M1A Rifle
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M1A Rifle

Civilian version of the U.S. military M14 rifle, but with semi-automatic fire only, and cannot be modified to fully-automatic or selective fire. Due to the so-called "Assault-Weapons" Bill of 1994, that bans bayonet lugs, the M1A no longer ships with a bayonet lug. Manufactured by Springfield Armory [1].

Fulton Armory [1] also builds civilian versions of the M-14 from their own receivers, which do not have the lug necessary for the installation of a selective fire switch and USGI (U.S. Government Issue) components and markets them as the FAR M-14, as does Armscorp USA, Inc. [1], which markets their M14R & M14RNS (regular), M14NMR (National Match) and M21 (Sniper) rifles.

Chinese-manufactured versions were sold under the Norinco [1] and Polytech brand names prior to former President Clinton's issuance of an Executive Order banning the importation of Chinese manufactured firearms.