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Lynn Frazier
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Lynn Frazier

Lynn Joseph Frazier (December 21, 1874 - January 11, 1947) was a U.S. Senator from North Dakota (1923-1941) and the Governor of that state from 1917 until being recalled in 1921. He was the first American governor ever successfully recalled from office.

Frazier was born in Medford, Minnesota. His family moved to North Dakota when he was 6 years old.

Elected as the gubernatorial candidate of Non-Partisan League in 1917, Frazier's term was plagued with scandal and a grassroots movement began to press for his recall. The movement succeeded, and in 1921 the governor was successfully removed from office. Ragnvald A. Nestos was elected in his place.

After the recall, Frazier was elected in 1922 to the United States Senate as a Republican. He served until losing a bid for re-election in 1940.

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Preceded by:
L. B. Hanna
Governors of North Dakota Succeeded by:
R. A. Nestos