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Lou Piniella
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Lou Piniella

Lou Piniella (born August 28, 1943 in Tampa, Florida) is a former Major League Baseball player and current manager of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

Piniella began his professional playing career after the Cleveland Indians signed him as an amateur free agent in 1962. Piniella, at the age of 20, played in his first professional game in 1964 with the Baltimore Orioles. At 24, his second Major League Baseball season was with the Indians. Piniella played for the Kansas City Royals from 1969-1973, followed by spending 11 years as a member of the New York Yankees.

He wore uniform number 24 for the Orioles, and 23 for the Indians. His longer stretches were wearing number 9 for the Royals, and 14 on the Yankees.

Piniella coached the New York Yankees in the late 1980s. He then managed the Cincinnati Reds in the early 1990s, winning the World Series in 1990. From 1993-2002, he managed the Seattle Mariners, winning the AL Manager of the Year award in 1995 and 2001. Lou Piniella is now the Tampa Bay Devil Rays' manager.

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