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Lk (Star Control)
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Lk (Star Control)

The Lk are a fictional race of beings featured in the sci-fi Star Control computer game series.


The Lk (pronounced *ulk*) are a race of saprophytic fungi superficially suggesting a commonality with the Mycon, but the LK are fully organic. Their origins, humble toadstools growing on decaying Precursor food stores, have manifested themselves into sentient detritivores with fully function sensory organs and a mouth, suggesting a migration away from the standard fungal feeding habit of absorption across hyphae, and a de novo evolution of a fully functioning gut, which is novel as well as pragmatic, as it has allowed the Lk to increase their body size and therefore their capacity to manipulate their environment.

Whatever other abilities the Lk have, they were not interested in sharing.


As obligate feeders on decaying organic material, the Lk have taken a very pragmatic and callous view of life. They believe that every living being is out for their own needs, and when it serves them to cooperate, they do so only as long as it takes for them to get what they wanted. Given such a negative outlook on the motivations of others, it seems surprising the Lk ever formed the collective of scientists and researchers that they are today, but instead of being paranoid of such behaviors, they expect and exploit it. To the fungal race, the way things are done are at the inevitable expense of others. The Druuge and the Lk have something in common.

Their origin and maturation in a rich cache of Precursor artifacts has given the Lk the notion that they are the closest living relation to the Precursors, for they believe they fed upon the decaying bodies of the Precursors. While this is not true, the artifacts more than sufficiently provide "evidence" for their claim of sentience. They look upon other races as decidedly inferior, lacking not only the resources of the mushrooms, but the inevitable potential. Possibly it is this egotism that makes the Lk different than the Vyro-Ingo. While both are somewhat deluded about their own self-worth, and use crutches to inflate their vaunted position, the Lk believe that the "difference" between the races only allows the Lk to exploit others better. They feel that other races are merely pawns, to be used and thrown away when they are no longer useful. While they do not share the Daktaklakpak zeal for destroying life when it cannot serve them, they do not feel any keen responsibility towards any whom they interact with, with the inevitable result that others see them as untrustworthy and contemptible.