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List of years in aviation
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List of years in aviation

This is a list of years in aviation.

Table of contents
1 pre-10th century aviation
2 10th - 16th century aviation
3 17th century aviation
4 18th century aviation
5 19th century aviation
6 1900s in aviation
7 1910s in aviation
8 1920s in aviation
9 1930s in aviation
10 1940s in aviation
11 1950s in aviation
12 1960s in aviation
13 1970s in aviation
14 1980s in aviation
15 1990s in aviation
16 2000s in aviation
17 See also

pre-10th century aviation

10th - 16th century aviation

17th century aviation

18th century aviation

19th century aviation

1900s in aviation

1910s in aviation

1920s in aviation

1930s in aviation

1940s in aviation

1950s in aviation

1960s in aviation

1970s in aviation

1980s in aviation

1990s in aviation

Fear of the Y2K computer bug and possible in-flight consequences for those planes flying during the night of December 31, 1999 and the early morning of January 1, 2000, spreads around the airline industry.

2000s in aviation

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