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List of X-Men
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List of X-Men

The X-Men is a team of comic book mutant superheroes, as published by Marvel Comics.

Table of contents
1 Original X-Men
2 Other Early Members
3 All-New All-Different X-Men
4 1980s recruits
5 1990s Recruits
6 2000s recruits
7 Allies
8 Enemies
9 See also

Original X-Men

The team as it debuted in X-Men #1 (1963).

Other Early Members

Members who joined in the 1960s prior to the title going on hiatus.

All-New All-Different X-Men

The new team assembled in Giant-Size X-Men #1 (1975).

1980s recruits

1990s Recruits

2000s recruits


Alpha Flight

The New Mutants


Generation X

X-Factor I

X-Factor II (formed in X-Factor #71)


The Starjammers



Brotherhood of Evil Mutants


The Hellfire Club

Mutant Liberation Front

Magneto's Acolytes

Nasty Boys

See also