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List of words of disputed pronunciation
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List of words of disputed pronunciation

The following is a list of words and names which are often pronounced by native speakers of the English language in ways which many others consider to be incorrect. In some cases this is because of disagreement of how to pronounce borrowed foreign words; in others it is a dispute arising from the effect of spelling on a word not pronounced as it is spelled. Many heated arguments are disagreements between the residents of a place and outsiders on how to pronounce the name of a place.

Note: 'AHD' is the American Heritage Dictionary. 'M-W' is the Merriam-Webster Dictionary (American). 'OED' is the Oxford English Dictionary (British). 'MQD' is the Macquarie Dictionary (Australian).

Note: The pronunciations below are displayed in two formats: in each pair, the first is in International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) and the second is in SAMPA, an ASCII encoding for IPA. IPA does not render properly without a Unicode-compatible font containing the IPA symbols. See International Phonetic Alphabet for English and SAMPA chart for English for information on how to decipher the different phonetic symbols.

Table of contents
1 Native English words
2 Recently (200 years or fewer) borrowed words
3 Names

Native English words

Recently (200 years or fewer) borrowed words


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