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List of valleys on the Moon
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List of valleys on the Moon

The Moon's surface is covered in many interesting features. One of these types of features are valleys. Several lunar valleys have been given names. Here is a list of those valleys.

Most of the valleys are named after nearby crater; see List of craters on the Moon.

Vallis Alpes "Alpine valley"
Vallis Baade Walter Baade
Vallis Bohr Niels Bohr
Vallis Bouvard Alexis Bouvard
Vallis Capella Martianus Capella
Vallis Inghirami Giovanni Inghirami
Vallis Palitzsch Johann Palitzsch
Vallis Planck Max Planck
Vallis Rheita Anton Maria Schyrle of Rhaetia
Vallis Schrödinger; Erwin Schrödinger;
Vallis Schröteri; Johann Hieronymus Schröter;
Vallis Snellius Willebrord Snell

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