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List of Unix programs
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List of Unix programs

This is a list of Unix programss. Some of these programs are standard utilities that will be found on any Unix or Unix-like operating system; indeed a system without such basic components as ls or sh could scarcely be described as truly Unix-like. Others are more special-purpose and may not be installed by default. Finally, some items on this list are simply separate applications which happen to have been written for Unix.

Many MS-DOS commands are similar to, or based on these commands. See List of DOS commands for more information.

Table of contents
1 Common utilities
2 Archivers and compression
3 Conversion
4 Cryptography
5 Database Clients
6 Database Servers
7 Desktops/Graphical User Interfaces
8 Desktop Publishing
9 Editors
10 Filesystem Utilities
11 Internet
12 Multimedia
13 Network Services
14 Network Utilities
15 Programming tools
16 Science
17 Security
18 Shells
19 System Management
20 Text Processing
21 Linux specific programs
22 See also

Common utilities

Archivers and compression



Database Clients

Database Servers

Desktops/Graphical User Interfaces

Desktop Publishing


Filesystem Utilities



Network Services

Network Utilities

Programming tools




System Management

Text Processing

Linux specific programs

See also