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List of United States Air Force aircraft squadrons
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List of United States Air Force aircraft squadrons

This is a list of United States Air Force aircraft squadrons. It covers both the independent United States Air Force and its period as a branch of the US Army.

Table of contents
1 Aerial Targets Squadrons
2 Air Refueling Squadrons
3 Airborne Air Control Squadrons
4 Airborne Command Control Squadrons
5 Airlift Squadrons
6 Bomb Squadrons
7 Combat Training Squadrons
8 Electronic Combat Squadrons
9 Fighter Squadrons
10 Flight Test Squadrons
11 Flying Training Squadrons
12 Helicopter Squadrons
13 Missile Squadrons
14 Reconnaissance Squadrons
15 Rescue Squadrons
16 Space Launch Squadrons
17 Space Operations Squadrons
18 Space Warning Squadrons
19 Special Operations Squadrons
20 Test and Evaluation Squadrons
21 Weapons Squadrons
22 Weather Reconnaissance Squadrons

Aerial Targets Squadrons

Air Refueling Squadrons

Airborne Air Control Squadrons

Airborne Command Control Squadrons

Airlift Squadrons

Bomb Squadrons

Combat Training Squadrons

Electronic Combat Squadrons

Fighter Squadrons

Flight Test Squadrons

Flying Training Squadrons

Helicopter Squadrons

Missile Squadrons

Reconnaissance Squadrons

Rescue Squadrons

Space Launch Squadrons

Space Operations Squadrons

Space Warning Squadrons

Special Operations Squadrons

Test and Evaluation Squadrons

Weapons Squadrons

Weather Reconnaissance Squadrons