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List of the world's tallest structures
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List of the world's tallest structures

This is a list of the all the world's tallest structures, past and present of any type. Structures no longer standing are in italics. Most of the tallest structures are television broadcasting masts, followed by a mix of the taller tower-type structure (like the CN Tower) and the taller high rises buildings(like the Sears Tower). Scattered among these are other structures including oil platforms, electrical towers, bridge towers, etc. List is organized by absolute height since it includes many different classes of structures.

This is an incomplete list. You can help Wikipedia by expanding or completing it. A minimum height limit of 300 m is used for practical purposes to keep the list to a reasonable length.

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Height (m) Structure
647 m Warszawa radio mast, Plock, Poland
629 m KVLY-TV mast, Blanchard, North Dakota
628 m KXJB-TV mast, Galesburg, North Dakota
624 m KXTV/KOVR Tower, US
615 m KZFX-TV mast, Lake Jackson, Texas
610 m Petronius Platform, Gulf of Mexico
610 m WITN-TV mast, Grifton, North Carolina
610 m KATV-TV mast, Jefferson County, Arkansas
609 m KCAU TV Tower, US
609.6 m WECT TV6 Tower US
609.6 m KOLR/KOZK Tower US
609.6 m NYT Broadcast Holdings Tower US
609.6 m American Tower Management US
609.6 m Des Moines Hearst-Argyle TV Tower US
609.6 m Diversfied Communications Tower US
609.6 m AFLAC Tower US
609.6 m Jefferson Pilot Comm. Tower US
609.6 m Hearst-Argyle Tower US
609.6 m WTTO Tower US
609.6 m SpectraSite Tower US
609.6 m WCTV Tower US
609.6 m WCKW KHOM Tower US
609.6 m American Tower Limited Partnership Tower US
609.6 m Rohn Tower US
609.4 m Clear Channel Broadcasting Tower (TX) US
609.4 m KYTV Tower US
609.4 m SpectraSite Comm Tower US
609.3 m Clear Channel Broadcasting Tower (LA) US
609.3 m Salem Radio Properties Tower US
609 m WIBT Tower US
607.2 m KLTN Tower US
606 m WRAL HDTV Mast US
601 m Senior Road Tower US
600 m WCNC-TV Tower US
592.4 m CBC Real Estate Co. Inc US
588 m KKHT Radio Mast US
583 m WFMY-TV mast, Greensboro, North Carolina
582 m KTUL TV mast, Coweta, Oklahoma
582 m WFMY Tower US
554 m CN Tower, Toronto
540 m Ostankino Tower, Moscow
527 m World Trade Center Tower One, New York City (destroyed 2001)
520 m Sears Tower, Chicago
508 m Taipei 101, Taipei
487 m WGME-TV mast, Raymond, Maine
468 m Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai, China
452 m Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur
443 m Empire State Building, New York City
Milad Tower, Tehran, Iran (under construction, height to be 435 m)
427 m Omega navigation mast, Darriman, Australia
421 m Jin Mao Building, Shanghai
421 m Menara Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
415 m World Trade Center Tower Two, New York City (destroyed 2001)
415 m Tianjin Radio and Television Tower, Tianjin
412 m Two International Finance Centre, Hong Kong
405 m Central Radio and TV Tower, Beijing, China
391 m CITIC Plaza, Guangzhou
388 m Tower Zero, Naval Communication Station Harold E. Holt, Exmouth, Australia
384 m Shun Hing Square, Shenzhen
387 m Tuntex 85 Sky Tower, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
384 m Kiev TV Tower, Kiev, Ukraine
384 m Gerbrandytoren Lopik, Lopik, Netherlands
378.4 m Central Plaza, Hong Kong
375 m Tashkent Tower, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
369 m Bank of China Tower, Hong Kong
368.03 m Berliner Fernsehturm, Berlin
360 m Trbovlje Chimney, Trbovlje, Slovenia
355 m Emirates Tower One, Dubai
350 m Stratosphere, Las Vegas
347 m T&C Tower;, Kaohsiung
346 m Amoco Building, Chicago
344 m John Hancock Center, Chicago
338 m Macau Tower, Macau
333 m Tokyo Tower, Tokyo
330 m Emley Moor mast, Emley Moor
330 m Ryugyong Hotel, Pyongyang
328 m Sky Tower, Auckland
322 m Sky Central Plaza, Guangzhou
320 m Baiyoke Tower, Bangkok
319 m Chrysler Building, New York City
312 m Nations Bank Plaza, Atlanta
310 m U.S. Bank Tower, Los Angeles
305 m J.P. Morgan Chase Tower, Houston
305 m AMP Tower, Sydney
301 m Eiffel Tower, Paris
300 m Commerzbank Tower, Frankfurt

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