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List of The Simpsons episodes
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List of The Simpsons episodes

This is an episode list of the animated TV series The Simpsons. Dates shown are original air dates.

Table of contents
1 The Shorts
2 The Series
3 External links

The Shorts

Season 1 (1987)

Episode Number Originally Aired Episode Title Description
1 April 19, 1987 Good Night
2 May 3, 1987 Watching TV
3 May 10, 1987 Jumping Bart
4 May 31, 1987 Babysitting Maggie
5 June 21, 1987 The Pacifier
6 June 28, 1987 Burping Contest
7 July 12, 1987 Dinner Time

Season 2 (1987-1988)

Episode Number Originally Aired Episode Title Description
8 September 22, 1987 Making Faces
9 October 4, 1987 The Funeral
10 October 11, 1987 What Maggies's Thinking
11 October 18, 1987 Football
12 October 25, 1987 House of Cards
13 November 1, 1987 Bart and Homer's Dinner
14 November 8, 1987 Space Patrol
15 November 15, 1987 Bart's Haircut
16 November 22, 1987 World War III
17 December 13, 1987 The Perfect Crime
18 December 20, 1987 Scary Stories
19 January 10, 1988 Grampa and the Kids
20 January 24, 1988 Gone Fishin'
21 February 7, 1988 Skateboarding
22 February 14, 1988 The Pegans
23 February 21, 1988 Closeted
24 February 28, 1988 The Aquarium
25 March 6, 1988 Family Portrait
26 March 13, 1988 Bart's Hiccups
27 March 20, 1988 The Money Jar
28 May 1, 1988 The Art Museum
29 May 8, 1988 Zoo Story

Season 3 (1988-1989)

Episode Number Originally Aired Episode Title Description
30 November 6, 1988 Shut Up, Simpsons
31 November 13, 1988 Shell Game
32 November 20, 1988 The Bart Simpson Show
33 November 27, 1988 Punching Bag
34 December 18, 1988 Simpson Christmas
35 January 15, 1989 The Krusty the Clown Show
36 January 29, 1989 Bart the Hero
37 February 5, 1989 Bart's Little Fantasy
38 February 12, 1989 Scary Movie
39 February 19, 1989 Homer Hypnotism
40 February 26, 1989 Shoplifting
41 March 12, 1989 Echo Canyon
42 March 19, 1989 Bathtime
43 March 26, 1989 Bart's Nightmare
44 April 16, 1989 Bart of the Jungle
45 April 23, 1989 Family Therapy
46 April 30, 1989 Maggie in Peril (Chapter One)
47 May 7, 1989 Maggie in Peril (The Thrilling Conclusion)
48 May 14, 1989 TV Simpsons

The Series

Season 1 (1989-1990)

Episode Number Originally Aired Production Code Episode Title Description
1 December 17, 1989 7G08 Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire The Simpsons celebrate Christmas.
2 January 14, 1990 7G02 Bart the Genius Bart cheats on a test and winds up at a school for the gifted.
3 January 21, 1990 7G03 Homer's Odyssey Homer is fired from his job for causing an accident, then finds a new meaning in life as a safety campaigner.
4 January 28, 1990 7G04 There's No Disgrace Like Home Annoyed at his family's unruly behaviour at a works picnic, Homer takes them to Dr. Marvin Monroe's family therapy center.
5 February 4, 1990 7G05 Bart the General Bart falls foul of a school bully, Nelson Muntz.
6 February 11, 1990 7G06 Moaning Lisa Lisa feels stifled and becomes depressed.
7 February 18, 1990 7G09 The Call of the Simpsons The family get lost in the woods in their new mobile home.
8 February 25, 1990 7G07 The Telltale Head Bart falls in with the wrong crowd and cuts the head off the statue of town founder, Jebediah Springfield.
9 March 18, 1990 7G11 Life on the Fast Lane Marge starts falling for a charmer she meets at the bowling alley.
10 March 25, 1990 7G10 Homer's Night Out Bart takes a photo of his father dancing with a stripper at a stag night, making Homer a celebrity, but landing him in trouble with Marge.
11 April 15, 1990 7G13 The Crepes of Wrath Bart is sent to France on an exchange trip, where his hosts treat him as a slave, meanwhile the Albanian student taking his place shows great interest in Homer's work at the power plant.
12 April 29, 1990 7G12 Krusty Gets Busted Krusty the Klown is arrested for holding up the Kwik-E-Mart, but Bart refuses to believe his hero did it.
13 May 13, 1990 7G01 Some Enchanted Evening Marge and Homer go out for a romantic dinner, Bart and Lisa see their babysitter on the TV show America's Most Armed and Dangerous.

Season 2 (1990-1991)

Episode Number Originally Aired Production Code Episode Title Description
14 October 11, 1990 7F03 Bart Gets an F In danger of being forced to repeat the fourth grade, Bart strikes a deal with class swot, Martin Prince: To whit Martin will make Bart smart if Bart will make Martin popular.
15 October 18, 1990 7F02 Simpson and Delilah Homer bilks the company for a new hair-restoring product. His new-found youthfulness then gains him a promotion.
16 October 25, 1990 7F04 Treehouse of Horror Three Halloween tales told by Bart and Lisa in the treehouse: Bad Dream House - The family move to a haunted house.

Hungry are the Damned - Aliens Kodos and Kang kidnap the Simpsons and offer to take them to a great feast, but Lisa suspects their motives.

The Raven - Lisa tells Edgar Allan Poe's classic tale, but scares no-one but Homer.

17 November 1, 1990 7F01 Two Cars in Every Garage, Three Eyes on Every Fish Bart catches a three-eyed fish, causing environmental police to visit Springfield Nuclear Powerplant.
18 November 8, 1990 7F05 Dancin' Homer Homer becomes the mascot for the local baseball team.
19 November 15, 1990 7F08 Dead Putting Society Rivalry between Homer and Ned Flanders manifests itself in a bet on Bart and Todd Flanders playing miniature golf.
20 November 22, 1990 7F07 Bart vs. Thanksgiving A Thanksgiving Day quarrel between Bart and Lisa results in Bart running away from home.
21 December 6, 1990 7F06 Bart the Daredevil Impressed by a stuntman at a destruction derby, Bart tries more and more dangerous jumps on his skateboard.
22 December 20, 1990 7F09 Itchy & Scratchy & Marge; Marge begins a campaign against violence in Itchy & Scratchy;.
23 January 10, 1991 7F10 Bart Gets Hit By A Car When Mr. Burns knocks Bart down, the ambulance-chaser Lionel Hutz talks Homer into suing.
24 January 24, 1991 7F11 One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish Homer has 24 hours to live after eating a badly-prepared blowfish at the local sushi restaurant.
25 January 31, 1991 7F12 The Way We Was Homer tells the story of how he and Marge got together.
26 February 7, 1991 7F13 Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment The kids are taught about Hell and the Ten Commandments in Sunday School, making Lisa view Homer's illegal cable hook-up as potential damnation.
27 February 14, 1991 7F15 Principal Charming Principal Skinner falls in love with Marge's sister Patty.
28 February 21, 1991 7F16 Oh Brother, Where Art Thou Homer discovers he has a brother.
29 March 7, 1991 7F14 Bart's Dog Gets An F Santa's Little Helper attends obedience school.
30 March 28, 1991 7F17 Old Money Grampa Simpson inherits $106,000 from his deceased sweetheart.
31 April 11, 1991 7F18 Brush with Greatness Marge becomes a painter.
32 April 25, 1991 7F19 Lisa's Substitute Bart runs for class president and Lisa gets a crush on a substitute teacher.
33 May 2, 1991 7F20 War of the Simpsons Homer and Marge go to Reverend Lovejoy's marriage retreat, but Homer has nothing but fishing on his mind.
34 May 9, 1991 7F21 Three Men and a Comic Book Bart, Milhouse, and Martin purchase a $100 comic book.
35 July 11, 1991 7F22 Blood Feud Bart donates some of his rare double-O negative blood to Mr. Burns.

Season 3 (1991-1992)

Episode Number Originally Aired Production Code Episode Title Description
36 September 19, 1991 7F24 Stark Raving Dad Homer is committed to a mental hospital, where he befriends a man who claims to be Michael Jackson.
37 September 26, 1991 8F01 Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington Lisa wins an essay contest and the family travels to the nation's capital.
38 October 3, 1991 7F23 When Flanders Failed Flanders opens a novelty store for left handed people, but Homer makes a wish that his business will fail.
39 October 10, 1991 8F03 Bart the Murderer Bart becomes a bartender for the local crime syndicate, and when Skinner goes missing, Bart gets accused of murder.
40 October 17, 1991 8F04 Homer Defined Homer accidentally saves the plant from a nuclear meltdown and is ashamed when people mistake him for a hero.
41 October 24, 1991 8F05 Like Father, Like Clown Krusty the Clown is reunited with his rabbi father.
42 October 31, 1991 8F02 Treehouse of Horror II Lisa's Nightmare - The Monkey's Paw.

Bart's Nightmare - Bart has the ability to transform people into hideous beings if he senses that they disapprove of him.

Homer's Nightmare - Homer has Mr. Burns' head grafted on to his body.

43 November 7, 1991 8F06 Lisa's Pony When Homer stops by Moe's instead of bringing Lisa a saxophone reed, he has to buy her a pony to make up for it.
44 November 14, 1991 8F07 Saturdays of Thunder Bart and Homer enter in a boxcar derby.
45 November 21, 1991 8F08 Flaming Moe's Moe steals the recipe for a drink from Homer, and when Moe becomes wildly famous, it threatens their friendship.
46 December 5, 1991 8F09 Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk A group of German businessmen buy the plant from Mr. Burns.
47 December 26, 1991 8F10 I Married Marge A flashback episode to Bart's birth.
48 January 9, 1992 8F11 Radio Bart Bart pretends he is a small child who has fallen in a well.
49 January 23, 1992 8F12 Lisa the Greek Lisa and Homer experience a new bond when Homer finds out his daughter has a knack for gambling.
50 February 6, 1992 8F14 Homer Alone Homer is left alone with Maggie when Marge visits Rancho Relaxo, a relaxation spa.
51 February 13, 1992 8F16 Bart the Lover Bart answers his teacher's singles ad, but eventually feels guilty about manipulating her.
52 February 20, 1992 8F13 Homer At The Bat When Mr. Burns makes a bet on a company softball game, he hires 9 ringers to come fill out the team.
53 February 27, 1992 8F15 Separate Vocations The school makes the students take vocation tests, which tell Bart to become a policeman and Lisa to become a homemaker. Wacky antics ensue.
54 March 12, 1992 8F17 Dog of Death Santa's Little Helper gets sick, and the family must cut their living costs drastically.
55 March 26, 1992 8F19 Colonel Homer Homer helps a barmaid launch a country singing career, Marge becomes jealous.
56 April 9, 1992 8F20 Black Widower Sideshow Bob gets married to Marge's sister, but may have a sinister motive in mind.
57 April 23, 1992 8F21 The Otto Show Otto gets fired and moves in with the Simpsons.
58 May 7, 1992 8F22 Bart's Friend Falls in Love Bart and Milhouse's friendship becomes in jeopardy when Milhouse gains a girlfriend.
59 August 27, 1992 8F23 Brother Can You Spare Two Dimes Uncle Herb returns to the family, looking for a loan so he can become rich again.

Season 4 (1992-1993)

Episode Number Originally Aired Production Code Episode Title Description
60 September 24, 1992 8F24 Kamp Krusty Bart and Lisa's summer camps is not what they'd hoped for.
61 October 01, 1992 8F18 A Streetcar Named Marge Marge gets a part in a musical production of A Streetcar Named Desire.
62 October 08, 1992 9F01 Homer the Heretic Homer discovers the joys of staying home on a Sunday morning and decides to start his own religion.
63 October 15, 1992 9F02 Lisa the Beauty Queen
64 October 29, 1992 9F04 Treehouse of Horror III Clown Without Pity - Homer buys Bart an unusually aggressive Krusty the Klown doll.

King Homer - Homer as King Kong.

Dial "Z" for Zombie - Bart raises the dead.

65 November 03, 1992 9F03 In an attempt to straighten Bart out, Homer decrees that he cannot see the long-awaited Itchy & Scratchy; movie.
66 November 05, 1992 9F05 Marge Gets a Job Needing extra money to repair the foundation, Marge gets a job at the Nuclear Power Plant.
67 November 12, 1992 9F06 New Kid on the Block Bart has a crush on the new next-door neighbor.
68 November 19, 1992 9F07 Mr. Plow Homer starts a snow-plow business.
69 December 03, 1992 9F08 Lisa's First Word The family recalls the story of how they got their home, and Lisa's first words.
70 December 17, 1992 9F09 Homer's Triple Bypass Homer needs open-heart surgery.
71 January 14, 1993 9F10 Marge vs. the Monorail Springfield builds a monorail, much to the discontent of Marge.
72 January 21, 1993 9F11 Selma's Choice Selma decides she would like to have children, only to find out it's a lot more work than she first imagined.
73 February 04, 1993 9F12 Brother from the Same Planet Bart gets a Bigger Brother after feeling neglected by Homer.
74 February 11, 1993 9F13 I Love Lisa Ralph Wiggum gets a crush on Lisa after receiving a valentine card from her.
75 February 18, 1993 9F14 Duffless Marge convinces Homer to temporarily give up alcohol.
76 March 11, 1993 9F15 Last Exit to Springfield Homer becomes Head of the Union at the Nuclear Power Plant which ultimately results in a strike.
77 April 01, 1993 9F17 The family remembers their past adventures while Homer is hospitalized because of one of Bart's pranks.
78 April 15, 1993 9F16 The Front Bart and Lisa start writing Itchy and Scratchy cartoons.
79 April 29, 1993 9F18 Whacking Day Lisa campaigns against the cruelty of a local holiday, Bart gets expelled.
80 May 06, 1993 9F20 Marge In Chains Marge spends 30 days in prison after accidentally shoplifting.
81 May 13, 1993 9F19 Krusty Gets Kancelled A new TV show causes Krusty's ratings to plummet.

Season 5 (1993-1994)

Episode Number Originally Aired Production Code Episode Title Description
82 September 30, 1993 9F21 Homer's Barbershop Quartet Homer tells the story of his days in his barbershop quartet, the Be Sharps.
83 October 07, 1993 9F22 Cape Feare Released from jail, Sideshow Bob stalks Bart, so the FBI relocate the family. Recalls the film Cape Fear.
84 October 14, 1993 1F02 Homer Goes to College Homer must attend college to keep his job at the Nuclear Power Plant.
85 October 21, 1993 1F01 Rosebud Mr. Burns misses his childhood toy.
86 October 28, 1993 1F04 Treehouse of Horror IV The Devil and Homer Simpson - Homer sells his soul for a doughnut.

Nightmare at 5½ Feet - A gremlin attacks the school bus.

Bart Simpson's Dracula - Mr. Burns is a vampire.

87 November 04, 1993 1F03 Marge on the Lam Marge and her neighbor Ruth become friends and evade the police in the car Ruth stole from her husband.
88 November 11, 1993 1F05 Bart's Inner Child A self-help guru holds up Bart as an example to the town.
89 November 18, 1993 1F06 Boy Scoutz N the Hood Bart, on a sugar high, joins the Junior Campers ("no affiliation with the Boy Scouts of America").
90 December 09, 1993 1F07 The Last Temptation of Homer Homer is attracted to the new female employee at the Nuclear Power Plant.
91 December 16, 1993 1F08 $pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling) The town legalises gambling.
92 January 06, 1994 1F09 Homer the Vigilante After a crime wave, Homer starts a neighborhood watch group, which tends to commit more crimes than it prevents.
93 February 03, 1994 1F11 Bart Gets Famous A one-liner uttered by Bart makes him famous.
94 February 10, 1994 1F10 Homer and Apu Apu is fired because of Homer, so Homer vows to get Apu his job back.
95 February 17, 1994 1F12 Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy After getting a talking Malibu Stacy that says nothing meaningful, Lisa sets out to make her own doll, Lisa Lionheart.
96 February 24, 1994 1F13 Deep Space Homer Homer and Barney compete for a spot as an astronaut on NASA's next space mission.
97 March 17, 1994 1F14 Homer Loves Flanders After 5 years of hating his neighbor, Homer decides that Flanders is worth having as a friend.
98 March 31, 1994 1F15 Bart Gets an Elephant Bart wins an elephant in a local radio competition.
99 April 14, 1994 1F16 Burns' Heir Mr. Burns chooses Bart as his heir.
100 April 28, 1994 1F18 Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song Principal Skinner is fired as a result of one of Bart's pranks.
101 May 05, 1994 1F19 The Boy Who Knew Too Much Bart witnesses a waiter get brutally beaten while skipping school.
102 May 12, 1994 1F21 Lady Bouvier's Lover Homer's father and Marge's mother fall in love.
103 May 19, 1994 1F20 Secrets of a Successful Marriage Homer teaches an adult education class on how to have a successful marriage.

Season 6 (1994-1995)

Episode Number Originally Aired Production Code Episode Title Description
104 September 04, 1994 1F22 Bart of Darkness Bart, confined to his room after breaking his leg, witness what seems like Ned Flanders killing his wife.
105 September 11, 1994 1F17 Lisa's Rival A new student is Lisa's class is smarter than her.
106 September 25, 1994 2F33 Another Simpsons Clip Show After Marge reads a romantic novel, the family recalls their past romantic adventures.
107 October 02, 1994 2F01 Itchy & Scratchy Land; The family takes a trip to a new amusement park.
108 October 09, 1994 2F02 Sideshow Bob Roberts Sideshow Bob is released from prison and is soon the newest candidate in the mayoral race.
109 October 30, 1994 2F03 Treehouse of Horror V The Shinning - A spoof of The Shining.

Time and Punishment - Homer's toaster lets him travel back in time.

Nightmare Cafeteria - The school cafeteria is cooking students.

110 November 06, 1994 2F04 Bart's Girlfriend Bart falls in love with Reverend Lovejoy's daughter who is a troublemaker using Bart to take her fall.
111 November 13, 1994 2F05 Lisa on Ice Lisa proves herself to be a star hockey goalie, that begins a rivalry with Bart.
112 November 27, 1994 2F06 Homer Bad Man Homer is accused of sexual assault.
113 December 04, 1994 2F07 Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy Grampa invents a love potion.

''Includes a rare outing of the longest word in the Oxford English Dictionary, when Grampa Simpson says Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis?

114 December 18, 1994 2F08 Fear of Flying Marge confronts her fear of flying.
115 January 08, 1995 2F09 Homer the Great Homer becomes a member of a new, secret society.
116 January 22, 1995 2F10 And Maggie Makes Three The family tells the story of Maggie's birth.
117 February 05, 1995 2F11 Bart's Comet Bart discovers a comet headed straight for Springfield and inadvertantly starts a panic.
118 February 12, 1995 2F12 Homie the Clown Homer becomes a replacement for Krusty the Klown.
119 February 19, 1995 2F13 Bart vs. Australia Bart makes a prank call to Australia and ends up in big trouble.
120 February 26, 1995 2F14 Homer vs. Patty & Selma; Homer has to borrow money from Marge's sisters after a bad investment.
121 March 05, 1995 2F31 A Star is Burns Springfield holds a film festival and Jay Sherman, lead character from The Critic is invited to be a judge.
122 March 19, 1995 2F15 Lisa's Wedding A fortune teller reveals Lisa's future about her relationship with an erudite English man.
123 April 09, 1995 2F18 Two Dozen and One Greyhounds Santa's Little Helper meets a female dog at the race track, and as a result the Simpsons have 25 puppies.
124 April 16, 1995 2F19 The PTA Disbands The teachers at Springfield Elementary go on strike, and Marge helps out as a substitute.
125 April 30, 1995 2F32 'Round Springfield Lisa is devastated when a close friend of hers passes away.
126 May 07, 1995 2F21 The Springfield Connection Marge becomes a police officer.
127 May 14, 1995 2F22 Lemon of Troy Bart and his friends lead an expedition to Shelbyville to retrieve their stolen lemon tree.
128 May 21, 1995 2F16 Who Shot Mr. Burns (Part One) After Mr. Burns blocks out the town's sunlight, a mystery assassin shoots him.

Season 7 (1995-1996)

Episode Number Originally Aired Production Code Episode Title Description
129 September 17, 1995 2F20 Who Shot Mr. Burns (Part Two) The Mr. Burns assassin is revealed.
130 September 24, 1995 2F17 Radioactive Man Bart and Milhouse audition for the role of Fallout Boy in the newest Radioactive Man movie.
131 October 01, 1995 3F01 Home Sweet Home-Diddily-Dum-Doodily Bart, Lisa, and Maggie are placed under the custody of Ned Flanders after Homer and Marge are deemed to be negligent parents.
132 October 08, 1995 3F02 Bart Sells His Soul Bart believes there is no such thing as a soul, and proves it by selling his to Milhouse for $5.
133 October 15, 1995 3F03 Lisa the Vegetarian A trip to a petting zoo convinces Lisa that it is wrong to eat meat.
134 October 29, 1995 3F04 Treehouse of Horror VI Attack of the 50-Foot Eyesores - Large statues attack Springfield.

Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace - Groundskeeper Willie attacks the town's children in their dreams.

Homer3 - Homer steps into the third dimension.

135 November 05, 1995 3F05 King-Size Homer Homer purposely gains 61 pounds in order to gain disability status.
136 November 19, 1995 3F06 Mother Simpson Homer discovers his mother is alive.
137 November 26, 1995 3F08 Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming Sideshow Bob steals an atomic bomb and orders the town to destroy television.
138 December 03, 1995 3F31 The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular A spoof history of the series.
139 December 17, 1995 3F07 Marge Be Not Proud Bart is caught shoplifting at a local store.
140 January 07, 1996 3F10 Team Homer Homer creates a bowling team.
141 January 14, 1996 3F09 Two Bad Neighbors Former president George Bush moves in across the street from the Simpson family.
142 February 04, 1996 3F11 Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield Marge finds a Chanel suit in a discount store and gets invited to the town's country club.
143 February 11, 1996 3F12 Bart the Fink Krusty the Klown is in trouble with the IRS.
144 February 18, 1996 3F13 Lisa the Iconoclast Lisa discovers the truth behind Springfield's origins.
145 February 25, 1996 3F14 Homer the Smithers Smithers takes a vacation and leaves Homer in charge of his duties.
146 March 17, 1996 3F16 The Day the Violence Died Roger Myers is proved to have stolen the idea of Itchy and Scratchy 70 years ago.
147 March 24, 1996 3F15 A Fish Called Selma A romantic adventure begins between Selma and Troy McClure.
148 March 31, 1996 3F17 Bart on the Road Bart gets a fake ID and takes a road trip with his friends.
149 April 14, 1996 3F18 22 Short Films About Springfield Bart and Milhouse wonder if anything interesting ever happens in Springfield.
150 April 28, 1996 3F19 Raging Abe Simpson and his Grumbling Grandson in 'The Curse of the Flying Hellfish' Grampa and Mr. Burns have a dispute over some World War II treasures.
151 May 05, 1996 3F20 Much Apu About Nothing Springfield is about to deport all illegal immigrants, including Apu.
152 May 19, 1996 3F21 Homerpalooza Homer joins a freak show when he discovers he can take cannon shots to his stomach.
153 May 19, 1996 3F22 Summer of 4 Ft. 2 Lisa gives herself a personality makeover.

Season 8 (1996-1997)

Episode Number Originally Aired Production Code Episode Title Description
154 October 27, 1996 4F02 Treehouse of Horror VII The Thing and I - Bart has an evil twin.

The Genesis Tub - Lisa creates her own universe.

Citizen Kang - Aliens impersonate presidential candidates Bill Clinton and Bob Dole.

155 November 03, 1996 3F23 You Only Move Twice Homer accepts a new job in Cypress Creek with a boss is an easygoing James Bond style supervillain.
156 November 10, 1996 4F03 The Homer They Fall Homer becomes a boxer after discovering he can take beatings to the head without injury.
157 November 17, 1996 4F05 Burns, Baby Burns Mr. Burns meets his long-lost son who is a jovial slob.
158 November 24, 1996 4F06 Bart After Dark Bart gets a job in a burlesque house.
159 December 01, 1996 4F04 A Milhouse Divided Milhouse's parents get a divorce.
160 December 15, 1996 4F01 Lisa's Date with Density The target of Lisa's first crush turns out to be Nelson Muntz.
161 December 29, 1996 4F07 Hurricane Neddy A hurricane rips through Springfield, demolishing Ned Flanders' house.
162 January 05, 1997 3F24 El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer) Homer takes a spiritual journey after eating an exotic pepper.
163 January 12, 1997 3G01 The Springfield Files Homer encounters an extra-terrestrial.
164 January 19, 1997 4F08 The Twisted World of Marge Simpson Marge has a new franchise: the Pretzel Wagon.
165 February 02, 1997 4F10 Mountain of Madness Mr. Burns takes all of his employees to a corporate retreat meant to encourage teamwork.
166 February 07, 1997 3G03 Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(Annoyed Grunt)cious The Simpsons get a nanny who is a parody of Mary Poppins.
167 February 09, 1997 4F12 The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show; A new character is added to the Itchy and Scratchy show as an attempt to boost falling ratings.
168 February 16, 1997 4F11 Homer's Phobia Homer is less than friendly when a homosexual man befriends the Simpson family.
169 February 23, 1997 4F14 The Brother from Another Series Sideshow Bob meets his brother, Cecil.
170 March 02, 1997 4F13 My Sister, My Sitter Lisa becomes a babysitter.
171 March 16, 1997 4F15 Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment Alcohol is banned from Springfield after Bart accidentally gets drunk at a town parade.
172 April 06, 1997 4F09 Grade School Confidential Seymour Skinner and Edna Krabappel have a secret love affair.
173 April 13, 1997 4F16 The Canine Mutiny Bart gets a credit card and buys a new dog.
174 April 20, 1997 4F17 The Old Man and the Lisa Mr. Burns loses his fortune and asks Lisa to help him get it back.
175 April 27, 1997 4F18 In Marge We Trust Marge becomes the new advice giver at the Church.
176 May 04, 1997 4F19 Homer's Enemy A new employee at the Nuclear Power Plant isn't impressed with Homer's incompetence.
177 May 11, 1997 4F20 The Simpsons Spinoff Showcase Three spinoffs of the Simpsons series:

Chief Wiggum, P.I. - Chief Wiggum becomes a detective in New Orleans.

The Love-Matic Grampa - Grampa's soul is contained in Moe's Love Tester machine.

The Simpson Family Smile-Time Variety Hour - The Simpsons host a 70s variety show, with Lisa replaced with an adult bimbo.

178 May 18, 1997 4F21 The Secret War of Lisa Simpson Bart and Lisa enroll in military school.

Season 9 (1997-1998)

Episode Number Originally Aired Production Code Episode Title Description
179 September 21, 1997 4F22 The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson Homer and his family have different experiences during a trip to New York City.
180 September 28, 1997 4F23 The Principal and the Pauper Seymour Skinner is revealed as an imposter.
181 October 19, 1997 3G02 Lisa's Sax The family remembers the time when Lisa first got her saxophone.
182 October 26, 1997 5F02 Treehouse of Horror VIII The HΩmega Man - A French neutron bomb kills everyone except Homer.

Fly Vs. Fly - Bart morphs into a fly.

Easy Bake Coven - The story of the origins of Halloween.

183 November 02, 1997 5F01 The Cartridge Family Homer buys a gun.
184 November 09, 1997 5F03 Bart Star Homer coaches Bart's football team.
185 November 16, 1997 5F04 The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons Apu is not ready for his arranged marriage.
186 November 23, 1997 5F05 Lisa the Skeptic During an archeological dig, Lisa discovers what seems to be the skeleton of an angel.
187 December 07, 1997 5F06 Realty Bites Marge becomes a real-estate saleswoman.
188 December 21, 1997 5F07 Miracle on Evergreen Terrace Bart accidentally destroys the family's Christmas tree and all of their presents.
189 January 04, 1998 5F24 All Singing, All Dancing A look back at the past musical moments on the Simpsons.
190 January 11, 1998 5F08 Bart Carny Homer causes a carnival worker and his son their jobs.
191 February 08, 1998 5F23 The Joy of Sect A new cult has brainwashed most of Springfield.
192 February 15, 1998 5F11 Das Bus The kids of Springfield Elementary are trapped on an island after Milhouse causes a bus accident.
193 February 22, 1998 5F10 The Last Temptation of Krust Krusty the Klown becomes a stand-up comedian.
194 March 01, 1998 5F12 Dumbbell Indemnity Moe finds romance and devices an illegal scheme to get the money he needs to keep his girl.
195 March 08, 1998 4F24 Lisa the Simpson Lisa is convinced that she is genetically determined to become stupid like the rest of the Simpson family.
196 March 22, 1998 5F13 This Little Wiggy Marge makes Bart play with Ralph Wiggum after taking pity upon him.
197 March 29, 1998 3G04 Simpson Tide Homer joins the Naval Reserve.
198 April 05, 1998 5F14 The Trouble with Trillions Following some tax problems, Homer helps the government retrieve a stolen trillion-dollar bill from Mr. Burns.
199 April 19, 1998 5F15 Girly Edition Bart and Lisa are anchors for a local kid's news show.
200 April 26, 1998 5F09 Trash of the Titans Homer runs for the position of Sanitation Commissioner.
201 May 03, 1998 5F16 King of the Hill) Homer starts working out, and eventually finds himself climbing the highest mountain in Springfield.
202 May 10, 1998 5F17 Lost Our Lisa Lisa is lost after getting on the wrong bus on her way to the museum.
203 May 17, 1998 5F18 Natural Born Kissers Homer and Marge spice up their sex life by getting into dangerous situations.

Season 10 (1998-1999)

Episode Number Originally Aired Production Code Episode Title Description
204 August 23, 1998 5F20 Lard of the Dance A new, adult-acting student enrolls at Springfield Elementary.
205 September 20, 1998 5F21 The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace Homer models his life after that of Thomas Edison.
206 September 27, 1998 5F22 Bart the Mother Bart accidentally kills a mother bird and decides to care for its eggs, only to discover the eggs belong to lizards.
207 October 25, 1998 AABF01 Treehouse of Horror IX Hell Toupee - A hair transplant is mind-controlling Homer.

The Terror of Tiny Toon - Bart and Lisa become characters on Itchy and Scratchy.

Starship Poopers - Maggie's father is revealed to be Kang.

208 November 08, 1998 5F19 When You Dish Upon a Star Homer meets some celebrities living in a secluded area of Springfield.
209 November 15, 1998 AABF02 D'oh-in In the Wind Homer becomes a hippie.
210 November 22, 1998 AABF03 Lisa Gets an "A Lisa forgets to study for a test, and must resort to cheating.
211 December 06, 1998 AABF04 Grampa's kidneys explode due to Homer not stopping the car, and as a result he needs a kidney transplant.
212 December 20, 1998 AABF05 Mayored to the Mob Homer becomes Mayor Quimby's new bodyguard.
213 January 10, 1999 AABF06 Viva Ned Flanders Homer teaches Ned Flanders how to live an interesting life by taking him to Las Vegas, where they both get married.
214 January 17, 1999 AABF07 Wild Barts Can't Be Broken Thanks to Homer, Chief Wiggum places a curfew on all kids.
215 January 31, 1999 AABF08 Sunday, Cruddy Sunday Homer and a busload of Springfield residents go to Miami for the Superbowl, only to find they have forged tickets.
216 February 07, 1999 AABF09 Homer to the Max When a new television character named "Homer Simpson" turns out to be a laughingstock, Homer changes his name.
217 February 14, 1999 AABF11 I'm With Cupid Apu has a week of Valentine's Day surprises in store for Manjula, much to the discontent of the townspeople.
218 February 21, 1999 AABF10 Marge develops road rage after getting a new SUV.
219 February 28, 1999 AABF12 Make Room for Lisa Lisa develops stress after she has to share a bedroom with Bart.
220 March 28, 1999 AABF13 Maximum Homerdrive Homer becomes a temporary truck driver and discovers the teamsters secret.
221 April 04, 1999 AABF14 Simpsons Bible Stories Three stories involving the Simpsons family members in biblical situations:

Homer and Marge as Adam and Eve

Milhouse as Moses

Bart as David from David and Goliath

222 April 11, 1999 AABF15 Mom and Pop Art Homer becomes and outsider artist.
223 April 25, 1999 AABF16 The Old Man and The "C" Student After costing Springfield the Olympics, Bart is forced to "volunteer" at the Springfield Retirement Castle.
224 May 02, 1999 AABF17 Monty Can't Buy Me Love Mr. Burns looks for ways to get people to like him.
225 May 09, 1999 AABF18 They Saved Lisa's Brain Lisa is the newest member of Mensa.
226 May 16, 1999 AABF20 Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo The Simpsons take a family vacation to Japan.

Season 11 (1999-2000)

Episode Number Originally Aired Production Code Episode Title Description
227 September 26, 1999 AABF23 Beyond Blunderdome Homer helps Mel Gibson produce a movie.
228 October 03, 1999 AABF22 Brother's Little Helper Bart must take medicine to combat Attention Deficit Disorder.
229 October 24, 1999 AABF21 Guess Who's Coming to Criticize Dinner Homer becomes a food critic for the local newspaper.
230 October 31, 1999 BABF01 Treehouse of Horror X I Know What You Diddily-Iddily Did - The Simpsons accidentally kill Ned Flanders.

Desperately Xeeking Xena - Bart and Lisa gain super powers and must save Lucy Lawless from an evil villain.

Life's A Glitch, Then You Die - Homer's incompetence causes the Y2K bug to wreck havoc on the world.

231 November 07, 1999 AABF19 E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt) The Simpsons become farmers.
232 November 14, 1999 BABF02 Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder Homer bowls a perfect game.
233 November 21, 1999 BABF03 Eight Misbehavin' Apu and Manjula are new parents of octuplets.
234 November 28, 1999 BABF05 Take My Wife, Sleaze Homer and his friends create a motorcycle gang.
235 December 19, 1999 BABF07 Grift of the Magi After the local elementary school goes bankrupt, a toy company takes over the school with a marketing scheme in mind.
236 January 09, 2000 BABF04 Little Big Mom Marge breaks her leg, leaving Lisa to take care of the house.
237 January 16, 2000 BABF06 Faith Off Bart discovers he has the power to heal others through faith.
238 January 23, 2000 BABF08 The Mansion Family The Simpsons housesit for Montgomery Burns.
239 February 06, 2000 BABF09 Saddlesore Galactica Homer and Bart get a race horse.
240 February 13, 2000 BABF10 Alone Again, Natura-Diddily Maude Flanders is killed in a freak accident.
241 February 20, 2000 BABF11 Homer becomes a missionary.
242 February 27, 2000 BABF12 Pygmoelian Moe gets a facelift.
243 March 19, 2000 BABF13 Bart to the Future An Indian casino manager gives Bart a glimpse of his future.
244 April 09, 2000 BABF14 Days of Wine and D'oh'ses Barney gives up alcohol.
245 April 30, 2000 BABF16 Kill the Alligator and Run The Simpsons take a trip to Florida.
246 May 07, 2000 BABF15 Last Tap Dance in Springfield Lisa tries her best to become a tap dancer.
247 May 14, 2000 BABF18 It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge The Simpsons have a new houseguest who seems to be replacing the role of Marge.
248 May 21, 2000 BABF19 Behind the Laughter A behind the scenes look at the "real lives of the actors" on The Simpsons.

Season 12 (2000-2001)

Episode Number Originally Aired Production Code Episode Title Description
249 November 01, 2000 BABF21 Treehouse of Horror XI G-G-Ghost D-D-Dad - Homer chokes to death on a piece of broccoli.

Scary Tales Can Come True - Bart and Lisa discover the dark side of fairy tales.

Night of the Dolphin - Dolphins take over the world.

250 November 05, 2000 BABF20 A Tale of Two Springfields Homer causes a revolt over a change in half of the town's area code.
251 November 12, 2000 BABF17 Insane Clown Poppy Krusty the Klown finds out he has a daughter.
252 November 19, 2000 CABF01 Lisa the Tree Hugger Lisa joins an environmentalist group.
253 November 26, 2000 CABF04 Homer vs. Dignity Mr. Burns makes Homer in charge of his personal entertainment.
254 December 03, 2000 CABF02 The Computer Wore Menace Shoes Homer creates his own website.
255 December 10, 2000 CABF03 The Great Money Caper Homer and Bart find unethical ways to make money.
256 December 17, 2000 CABF06 Skinner's Sense of Snow A snowstorm traps Principal Skinner and the kids in the school.
257 January 07, 2001 BABF22 HOMR Homer discovers he has a crayon lodged in his brain.
258 January 14, 2001 CABF05 Pokey Mom Marge befriends a convict.
259 February 04, 2001 CABF08 Worst Episode Ever Bart and Milhouse run Comic Book Guy's store.
260 February 11, 2001 CABF07 Tennis the Menace The Simpsons build a tennis court in their yard.
261 February 18, 2001 CABF10 Day of the Jackanapes Sideshow Bob uses Bart as a weapon in his scheme to kill Krusty the Klown.
262 February 25, 2001 CABF12 New Kids on the Blecch Bart, Nelson, Milhouse, and Ralph are selected as members of the next hit boy band.
263 March 04, 2001 CABF09 Hungry, Hungry Homer Homer goes on a hunger strike in protest of the Springfield Isotopes moving to Alberquerque.
264 March 11, 2001 CABF11 Bye Bye Nerdie Lisa has trouble with a new bully at school.
265 April 01, 2001 CABF13 Simpson Safari The Simpsons win a trip to Africa.
266 April 29, 2001 CABF14 Trilogy of Error A day in the life of The Simpsons is shown through the eyes of individual family members.
267 May 06, 2001 CABF15 I'm Goin' to Praiseland Ned Flanders opens a Bible-themed amusement park.
268 May 13, 2001 CABF16 Children of a Lesser Clod Homer opens a daycare in his home.
269 May 20, 2001 CABF17 Simpsons Tall Tales A hobo on a train tells The Simpsons three tall tales.

Homer as Paul Bunyan.

Lisa as Connie Appleseed.

Bart as Tom Sawyer.

Season 13 (2001-2002)

Episode Number Originally Aired Production Code Episode Title Description
270 November 06, 2001 CABF19 Treehouse of Horror XII Hex and the City

House of Whacks

Wiz Kids

271 November 11, 2001 CABF22 The Parent Rap
272 November 18, 2001 CABF20 Homer the Moe
273 December 02, 2001 CABF18 A Hunka Hunka Burns in Love
274 December 09, 2001 CABF21 The Blunder Years
275 December 16, 2001 DABF02 She of Little Faith
276 January 06, 2002 DABF01 Brawl in the Family
277 January 20, 2002 DABF03 Sweets and Sour Marge
278 January 27, 2002 DABF05 Jaws Wired Shut
279 February 10, 2002 DABF04 Half-Decent Proposal
280 February 17, 2002 DABF06 The Bart Wants What it Wants
281 February 24, 2002 DABF07 The Lastest Gun in the West
282 March 10, 2002 DABF09 The Old Man and the Key
283 March 17, 2002 DABF08 Tales from the Public Domain
284 March 31, 2002 DABF10 Blame it on Lisa
285 April 07, 2002 DABF11 Weekend at Burnsie's
286 April 21, 2002 DABF12 Gump Roast
287 April 28, 2002 DABF13 I Am Furious Yellow
288 May 05, 2002 DABF14 The Sweetest Apu
289 May 12, 2002 DABF15 Little Girl in the Big Ten
290 May 19, 2002 DABF16 The Frying Game
291 May 22, 2002 DABF17 Poppa's Got a Brand New Badge

Season 14 (2002-2003)

Episode Number Originally Aired Production Code Episode Title Description
292 November 03, 2002 DABF19 Treehouse of Horror XIII Send in the Clones

The Fright to Creep and Scare Harms

The Island of Dr. Hibbert

293 November 10, 2002 DABF22 How I Spent My Strummer Vacation
294 November 17, 2002 DABF20 Bart vs. Lisa vs. The Third Grade
295 November 24, 2002 DABF18 Large Marge
296 December 01, 2002 DABF21 Helter Shelter
297 December 15, 2002 EABF01 The Great Louse Detective
298 January 05, 2003 EABF02 Special Edna (a.k.a. Love and Marking)
299 January 12, 2003 EABF03 The Dad Who Knew Too Little
300 February 02, 2003 EABF04 The Strong Arms of The Ma
301 February 09, 2003 EABF06 Pray Anything
302 February 16, 2003 EABF05 Barting Over Advertized as the 300th episode.
303 February 16, 2003 EABF07 I'm Spelling as Fast as I Can
304 March 02, 2003 EABF08 A Star is Born-Again
305 March 09, 2003 EABF09 Mr. Spitz Goes to Washington
306 March 16, 2003 EABF10 C.E. D'oh
307 March 30, 2003 EABF11 'Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky
308 April 13, 2003 EABF12 Three Gays of the Condo
309 April 27, 2003 EABF13 Dude, Where's My Ranch
310 May 04, 2003 EABF14 Old Yeller Belly
311 May 11, 2003 EABF15 Brake My Wife, Please
312 May 18, 2003 EABF16 Bart of War
313 May 18, 2003 EABF17 Moe Baby Blues

Season 15 (2003-2004)

Episode Number Originally Aired Production Code Episode Title Description
314 November 02, 2003 EABF21 Treehouse of Horror XIV Reaper Madness


Stop the World, I Want to Goof Off

315 November 09, 2003 EABF18 My Mother the Carjacker
316 November 16, 2003 EABF20 The President Wore Pearls
317 November 23, 2003 EABF22 The Regina Monologues
318 November 30, 2003 EABF19 The Fat and the Furriest
319 December 07, 2003 FABF01 Today I am A Clown
320 December 14, 2003 FABF02 'Tis The Fifteenth Season
321 January 04, 2004 FABF03 Marge vs. Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples and Teens, and Gays
322 January 11, 2004 FABF04 I, (Annoyed-Grunt)-Bot
323 January 25, 2004 FABF05 Diatribe of a Mad Housewife
324 February 08, 2004 FABF06 Margical History Tour
325 February 15, 2004 FABF07 Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore
326 February 22, 2004 FABF09 Smart and Smarter
327 March 14, 2004 FABF08 The Ziff Who Came to Dinner
328 March 21, 2004 FABF10 Co-Dependent's Day
329 March 28, 2004 FABF11 The Wandering Juvie
330 April 18, 2004 FABF12 My Big Fat Geek Wedding
331 April 25, 2004 FABF14 Catch 'em If You Can
332 May 02, 2004 FABF15 Simple Simpson
333 May 09, 2004 FABF13 The Way We Weren't
334 May 16, 2004 FABF17 Bart-Mangled Banner
335 May 23, 2004 FABF18 Fraudcast News

Season 16 (2004-2005)

Episode Number Originally Aired Production Code Episode Title Description
FABF23 Treehouse of Horror XV
FABF16 Midnight Rx
FABF21 Fat Man and Little Boy
FABF22 She Used to Be My Girl
FABF19 Sleeping With the Enemy
FABF20 All's Fair in Oven War

Season 17 (2005-2006)

Season 18 (2006-2007)

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