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List of terrorist incidents
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List of terrorist incidents

This article is part of the
Terrorism series:
Definition & Conventions
Counterterrorism &
"War on Terror" and its criticisms
Lists: Groups, State sponsors,
Guerrillas, Incidents,
Most wanted
Types: Nationalist, Religious,
Left-wing, Right-wing,
State, Islamic, Ethnic,
Bioterrorism, Narcoterrorism,
Domestic, Nuclear,
Tactics: Hijacking,
Suicide bomber
Configurations: Fronts,
Independent actors
Other: Terrorism insurance
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The following is a timeline of acts and failed attempts that can be considered terrorism.

Note: there is no single accepted definition of terrorism in common use. Incidents listed here are commonly called terrorism, or meet some of the commonly used criteria.

Table of contents
1 17th century
2 19th century
3 1910s-1960s
4 1970s
5 1980s
6 1990s
7 2000s
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17th century

19th century






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