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List of sports
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List of sports

The following is a list of sports, divided by category. These categories are based on how the sport is played, and there are many more sports to be added. This system has the disadvantage that some sports may fit in more than one category. Here they are only listed in one.

Table of contents
1 Athletics
2 Animal sports
3 Combat sports
4 Cycling
5 Extreme sports
6 Gymnastics
7 Motorised sports
8 Other
9 Outdoor sports
10 Power sports
11 Racket sports
12 Skating
13 Skiing / Snowsports
14 Sleighing
15 Target sports
16 Team sports
17 Mind sports
18 Water sports
19 Fictional sports


Track and field athletics.

Animal sports

Sports in which animals play a role.

Combat sports

Generally sports in which athletes fight or combat each other, usually one-on-one.


Sports using
bicycles or unicycles.

Extreme sports


Gymnastic sports.

Motorised sports

Sports based on motorised transportation.


Sports not in any of the other categories.

Outdoor sports

Sports not based on a specific field.

Power sports

Sports mainly based on sheer power.

Racket sports

Sports where players use rackets to hit a ball or other object.


Sports in which skates are used.

Skiing / Snowsports

Sports in which
skis or snowboards are used.


Sports that use sleighs.

Target sports

Sports where the main objective is to hit a certain target.

Team sports

Sports that involve teams.

Mind sports

Sports that involve no physical abilities, only mental (see also board games).

Water sports

Sports that are played in, on or near the water: (see
List of water sports)

Fictional sports

Sports which exist only in imaginary settings, for instance in fiction.